Sunday, July 3, 2011

Russian Music and Human Rights issues (with a side of the new Transformers soundtrack)

Allow me to introduce to you ...
The SLoT!
Now, if you don't think that they're amazing, there is something wrong with you :D
The SLoT are from Russia (if you couldn't tell). They have many amazing songs. You can check out their channel on YouTube, their Myspace or their Facebook (or if you can read Russian, their website).
The have English versions of a few of their songs, for those out there who understand English and not Russian. But in my opinion, the Russian sounds best.

Also, for fans out there of PARAMORE (i.e. ME! and hopefully the rest of the world :D) ... they have a new song! It's called "Monster" and can be found on the "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" soundtrack. I think all the Transformers movies have great soundtracks, but this is the only one so far to combine Paramore, Skillet (another GREAT band, check them out here or look them up on YouTube) and Linkin Park.

Now, onto ... POLITICS AND LAW! (Yes, you may run away screaming if you REALLY want to ... )
The Americans have now joined the ranks of a PLETHORA of countries who allow GLBT people to serve openly. A massive step for the Americans - who would've thought that Don't Ask Don't Tell would stand for so long after GLBT rights had gone so far? Them conservative folks ...
Anyway, if you're interested in the story of how they managed to repeal DADT, follow the link to the Rachel Maddow Show (were I get heaps of American political news, it's so fun!), find the Don't Ask Don't Tell menu and select a video! (Or you could just look up dull news reports ... )
Well done, America! (And to you, Obama, for pressing the issue). Human rights is a VERY important issue. And one I LOVE researching - I have a number of United Nations conventions saved to my USB :D

See yas later! (And DO look up at LEAST The SLoT - they are AMAZING)