Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey everybody!

School is back.
Back again.

Ok, let's just focus on the holidays! XD
Mine were all lazy until the last week. I went to Canberra then. SOOOOOOOOO fun. Me and heapsa people from my church from all around NSW and Canberra (plus a few from Melbourne) rented out the uni dorms and some of their facilities and had the time of our lives! (Despite the 6:30 wake-ups, lol.) Everything from a bit of scripture study to late-night dances to cheer-offs. And lol, I wonder how they got all the pizza for the pizza night - at least 350 pizzas wouldn't fit in ONE car ... plus how would you make them all???!!!
The only problem was the weather. The first day was totally FREEZING. The next day started out cold but ended up boiling hot. The next day was even more boiling hot. And so on.

School ... it was great to be back and to see my friends. And talk. I don't think the white shirts got old all day. And I don't think driving is gonna get old for AGES. XD
Plus this year we have a few awesome topics in our subjects. Like gothic fiction! We're probably gonna read The Raven, finally - I've been wondering what all the hype about it is.

Yesterday I got the tab for one of my most favourite guitar pieces ever ... =] I couldn't find it, but then my dad decides to show off and get it for me ... and then hide it!!!!!
Oh well, I have it now! Now I just need to cut my nails ... they're too long for playing guitar. I tried yesterday and failed.

Anyway, see y'all!