Monday, December 14, 2009

Brainless Banter

A LOOOOOONG assembly was held today, where we got our school reports and some awards. And we also got given a lecture once AGAIN on how to sing the school song 'properly'. Funny, before the current principal came around, no-one cared about the cymbal-clash part and we most certainly didn't get stern tellings-off for it. But anyway, was totally worth it. XD

Ugh STILL doing work - it's the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR ALREADY. No need for work cos we have TWO DAYS LEFT. And a lot of the teachers are missing anyway! SO NO NEED FOR WORK!
Especially quizzes about refugees. I mean, BORING. But it was funny discussing with Puzzle what could happen if we let all the refugees into Australia without detaining and checking them out first. Like, major political / civil / international unrest, much worse economy / unemployment rates / homelessness rates / crime rates, etc ...
We totally got into it and Australia ended up being invaded by America. I can't exactly remember how we got there, but we did.

So anyway, holidays very soon. And I actually have stuff planned that will most likely go into motion, unlike every other holiday plan I've had. Lol. But first off my grandma will want me to finish off that quilt ... :( So sick of it right now. Sewing machines and pins don't like me. And the feeling is pretty mutual.

Have yet ANOTHER budgie - there are now FIVE budgie residents in the house. And I'm taking care of TWO now cos our latest one is sick. He has chlamidophila. If you really want to know what that is, look it up. I'm sick of it already.
But it's sorta cool having two budgies in my room now. Except for all the extra cleaning and maintenance and when they fight.

One last hockey game this Friday, and then I have to wait for next year sometime for Winter season. Which will be totally awesome cos it's back to serious competition, training, teams ... ahhhh. I've missed that, getting stuck with the U/15s and not playing actual proper hockey with people I know and all have good skill. Not just one or two but ALL.
So looking forward to that.

Oh yeah - thanks to Stuchy who reminded me of 30 Seconds to Mars' new CD. Totally need to get that.

It's 11 days til Christmas ... SCARY. All looking forward to it?


Laura said...

Yay Christmas! :D.
I can't wait. Wheeeeeee.

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