Sunday, November 15, 2009

What do you get if you cross onion and baked beans? Tear gas!


Oh, yum ... fresh cinnamon muffins are the BEST.

Yearlies this week. Why?
And then after yearlies, there'll be like, nothing to do for some subjects. So school is gonna go from overloaded with work and stress to overloaded with boredom, people incessantly talking to each other and lack of work.

I think the budgies are moulting now - there are feathers EVERYWHERE. Which is fine, so long as they don't get in my bags or my bed or my mouth. Lol.
Something which annoys me about birds is that they poo ANYWHERE. Like on you, for example. But the thing is, they've pooed on me FIVE TIMES and no-one else in my family has gotten pooed on. GRRRRRRR. And so they all laugh at me.
Oh sure, it's funny - AFTER you've washed it all out.

It's so funny how listening to different types of music can make a situation feel so different (or at least, how you feel about the situation). Like, play some real upbeat music and you'll feel invincible, or whatever.

I got a new phone on Thursday, a pretty cool one too. Even though it's a Nokia (I WAY prefer the Sony Ericsson programming - my previous phone was SE). I liked my old phone though! But it's buttons were going funny - you had to press them a million times before they decided to work.

So anyway, I better quit now, I'm really just mindlessly typing words on the screen (I was goona say putting random words to paper, lol, but ew, what a cliche!).