Sunday, October 25, 2009

Listening to incessant chirping ... lol

Well I'm (not) dead.

I have a job!!!!!!
For telling lil U/13s what to do!
Lol, I'm doing hockey umpiring for lil kids. And getting money for it (... I think ... lol). Cool deal.
I haven't started yet but I will this week - someone's got to email me the times they're playing and stuff.
But yeah, coolios. And plus if I stuff up it won't matter too much cos
1) Summer comp is not anywhere NEAR as important as Winter comp - in the summer we only play so the hockey fields don't get permanently closed and we don't have to play on grass fields
2) This comp is abnormally short as they're stopping it short to re-turf the fields
3) It's only lil kids
Soooooo looking forward to it.

It's only a few days til my birthday. Not like I'm counting or anything.
Lol. The last few years I've woken up and gone about the day without remembering it's my birthday ... until someone goes "BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!" Do any of yas know how ANNOYING little sisters get??????
I think I know what my prezzies are. Even though my mum refuses to show me. Grrr.

School's back ... Ergh. And we're pretty much all cramming cos of yearlies soon. And assignments are getting done. So what on Earth will we be doing for the WEEKS that we aren't doing any work? Seriously, it's gonna get boring.
Not the best of terms, in my opinion.

Lol, the holidays ... I didn't do much, except for a camp in Gloucester, but let me tell you, when it's pouring and your tent waterproofing has given up, it gets very interesting ...

Oh and I'm going on an insulin pump at some point or another. The needle ratio is 15:1. I'm having heaps less needles. Plus if there's heapsa sugar around (which there has been the past few days ... ) it's a lot easier to handle.

The school laptops are pretty cool. And I am soooooo in love with that program, OneNote. What a great thing.

Well that's all for now. See yas!


Stuchy said...

Welcome to the world of umpiring!!!
Except I umpire AFL... and I umpire all ages (well from Auskickers to U/18s) and I get paid heaps for it!!!

But umpiring's a cool job. No shifts, only a couple of games a week, and youre being paid for a sport you love! What more could you want?

Sonja said...

I know, should be a GREAT job!
Especially without any greasy fries. Ugh. I would HATE to work at Macca's or anywhere like that.