Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another thing that worked like HG Wells' radio production of some story

Well today Earth got invaded by Martians and they started terraforming the planet.
Actually it was just a freak dust storm. NO aliens, NO attack from Middle Eastern etc countries, NO end of the world. Jeez.
Anyway, thank you peoples who live around Lake Eyre for donating such a marvellous colour this morning. (Apparently the red colour was cos there's heapsa iron in the dust and it was soaking up all the blue of the spectrum ... therefore leaving a lot of reddy stuff for us to look at. No I didn't already know this, I went onto the Sydney Morning Herald site).
For those people who stayed at home cos they were scared, or think it's the end of the world - you SAD people.
Oh yeah - beware QLDers - apparently it's heading for yas now.

On another note, when I was on that SMH website, I found out that the ozone hole is shrinking (yay!) and that some woman stabbed her two daughters to death (about 30 stabs per girl).
What a sick, twisted, awful, horrifying woman. Damn right am I glad she's in jail til she's 72. And that she's not my mother.

We get our laptops next Thursday, apparently. FINALLY. And Warners Bay High has had them for like, FOREVER.

Did you know that walruses - Nah just kidding. (You'll only get it if you've seen 50 First Date)

See yas. Cos you know, the world hasn't ended?

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Laura said...

Yay for the world not ending~!

Dale Thomas totally doused the world in red Powerade, LOLLLL.


Also, I'm glad that woman isn't my mother. I hope she goes to hell. Awful, awful woman. :/