Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What the world needs ... is more ME!

Ok. The world needs:
  • Less Michael Jackson mania. Seriously. Come on peoples, heaps of people die every single day, and what makes one life so much more important than them? I thought every life was equal here ...
  • More classics. So I can read them. And have access to them. I really wanna read Wuthering Heights but my library doesn't have it! How weird (and stupid) is that?
  • "A little less talk, a little more action, please". Come on. Stimulate the economy already. Dramatically reduce carbon emissions already. Make peace already. Stop making so many nuclear warheads and using them already. Put more money into medicine and education and research already!
  • More lols. Cos laughing means you're happy and having fun. It's not always so hard to do, peoples! Just a little effort, please!
  • More acceptance and forgiveness. That's the only way anyone's ever gonna get along with each other, seriously, and you all know it. And plus, it's just SAD if you can't accept or forgive someone cos of one tiny thing. An example: my grandfather knew a Polish guy who, if was given a gun an told that someone in front of them was German, would shoot them, no questions asked. And WWII ended years and years ago.
Well that's just some, my Top 5 for now. I could put up some more if I get any really good ones.

See yas,


Miss Girl said...

hehe. dirty. ills timulate ur economy

Sonja said...