Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily dosage of randomness, but at least it's useful

Huh. For those lactose intolerant peoples out there, you can get tablets with lactase enzymes in them. Which means, basically, you can have milk and other dairy products without feeling sick.
But personally, I'd just prefer to stay away fom lactose. I don't relish the thought of having a tablet pretty much every time I wanna have some milk or icecream or a fair bit of chocolate or whatever. And also, the proper stuff is mint. Another deterrant. Yes, the KID'S stuff is strawberry, but ...
What lactose intolerance is, is simply that the body can't break down and therefore use lactose. So the lactose is in there, doing nothing, and the body doesn't like that. So you feel sick. What the tablets do is introduce a source enzymes capable of breaking the lactose down so it is usable.
That's the technical side of the matter. Lol.

What I hate about all this new medical stuff, actually pretty much ANY medical stuff, is that people seem to try and force it on you. And that's one thing I hate - people trying to override my control of myself. Which, to think of it, may be why I get into trouble most of the time. Lol.

The holidays are progressing ... with me still sick - coughing a fair bit and still going through plenty of tissues. But ... I do have my voice back!!!!!! XD

You people that have read the Artemis Fowl books know that there are those code things at the bottom of each page. Well, decoding the fairy and centaur ones was easy, hardly anything to it. I'd been at a loss on the one in 'The Eternity Code' for ages ... until I looked at the dedication page!!!
Hehehehe ... lol.
So I'm partway through that one. But this one looks like the most boring message in all of them. Oh well.

My sister has the first two 'High School Musical' dvds ... but you know what? I STILL haven't seen more than half of them. Yay for me! Resisting the evil. Lol.

You know what's also evil? The controls in the Xbox 'Star Trek' game. Thanks to them, I can't get past the first level, and my dad finished the game ages ago. So him and me are tied for the amount of Xbox games we've finished. :(
Yeah, there's this game, 'MechAssault 2', that I've finished and no-one else has. It's an easyish level, but it really does your hand in in the end. So I still have bragging rights for that game ...

I think that's just about the amout of random stuff I have in store for you guys today. See yas!

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