Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camp flu by (hehe)

Well ... I ALMOST made it to one month!
Sorry guys. Busy here. And sick too! I officially hate the flu.

So ... school camp ... Obviously it could've been better. Like maybe more carrot at mealtimes? Seriously, please? I want carrot more than ONCE in three days.
Plus it would've been nicer if I hadn't had the flu, then I would've been able to do more instead of sit out of two day activities and all the night ones.
And if I hadn't fallen out of the canoe before I'd gotten in it properly. (Mot, just so you know, I don't blame you, I blame the stupid canoe and those stupid poles and the instructor not telling people how to hold the canoes)
And we could've also duct-taped Motormouth's mouth.
But apart from that, camp was pretty awesome.
Sailing, especially. It was nice and calm and I had a partner whom I didn't know well, so there was yet another excuse not to talk much, apart from the fact I didn't have much of a voice. (Just lol-ing at my voice here - it was hilarious).
Canoeing was good once I'd gotten IN a canoe and had calmed down a bit (thanx heaps to Puzzle here! and everyone else who was concerned). We played stuck-in-the-mud and I loved it.
Giant Swing and Dual Flying Fox were a little bit of a let-down, but they were still heaps good. And Puzzle went to the top of the Giant Swing! I'm pretty sure we're all still cheering about that. Stuchy got to go on it too, however difficult it was - I'm cheering for that one as well. It's not exactly the easiest thing when suddenly you lose the use of a limb.
I'm sure a few secrets came out on camp too ... hehehehe ... but don't they always? There's something about camps that do that.

So ... cos of camp and the flu I've missed out on at least three hockey games. Have I said yet how much I hate the flu?

Home's been good - I've been able to get along really well with my sisters lately, it's been awesome. Seriously. Maybe you's all should try it one day.

Not much has been happening ... just school, as per usual ... At least the holidays are creeping up, 11 straight weeks of school can get hard to deal with. And then you hear that QLD is already in holidays ... same with pretty much everywhere in Australia ... You really wonder sometimes why you live in NSW, you really do.

Til next time,


Miss Girl said...

lol, camp was great!

Sonja said...

yeah it was ... still i have some reasons to be not so enthusiastic about it.