Monday, June 8, 2009


Awwww some little kids are sooooooo cute!
My aunt, uncle and two of my cousins were up here yesty and today. One of my cousins isn't yet 1, I think (not sure!!!! XD). She was attempting to eat the grass and sticks and stuff but she didn't like the sticks much, lol. And the other cuz, he's not yet 3 (but once again I'm not sure ...) and he was kicking a soccer ball around.
They were both soooooo cute to watch!

Half yearlies start tomorrow ... EEEEEK

Hehehehe, at the camp I went to at Easter, someone managed to get a photo of me ... fixing up my insulin. Lovely. Great photo - a needle.
Thankfully it wasn't in the foreground though. A couple of my friends were.

I love the Muse version of Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You. It's AWESOME.
You can listen to it here, if ya want.

The best EVER Red Dwarf episode is on TV tonight. I LOVE it, it's totally HILARIOUS. Trust me. 8 pm on ABC2, if you are interested.

Well ... I'm glad today's a public holiday. Makes things a bit easier.

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Miss Girl said...

lol. nd i still somehow managed to not get all my hw done