Monday, May 4, 2009

TRC, school and stupid State testing

I've gone back to reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Missed it a lot XD
It's a manga / anime series by my absolute favourite artists ever - CLAMP, which is a group of Japanese artists. Tsubasa is about a princess whose lost her memories and the boy trying to find them for her, before she dies.
It's great - perfectly balanced in genres, so pretty much anyone could read / watch it. Perfect - and I mean PERFECT - graphics. Perfect plot. Etc ...

Ugh school was back last week. Sure it's great to see my friends again and some of the work is good but ... idk ... don't like some of the work / teachers and some of my friends are being downright ... annoying, mean ...

Stupid NAPLAN testing in just over a week ... why can't the State government leave us alone? Isn't it enough that we have the School Certificate next year? Isn't the previous State testing stuff enough? Isn't it enough that we get heavily tested at school?
Obviously, the answer is NO. Which I am not happy with. Wasting valuable (cough cough, lol) English lessons on trial tests that the teacher tells us should take 65mins to do when everyone, including my insanely sleep-deprived self, does in 20.

Well, I'm off to read some more. I wanna end up finishing the first chapter before I sleep.

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Laura said...

I never had to do NAPLAN tests. Win.

But we had to do AIM tests which were the same as NAPLAN but only for Victoria. :)