Friday, May 8, 2009

Reading suggestions

If anyone's short on reading material at the moment, I've got some suggestions:
  1. First off, the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson has had a new addition - "Max". I've read a bit of it so far in the bookstore (lol). Looks pretty good - better than "The Final Warning" anyway.
  2. More new material in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare - "City of Glass". Just don't tell me about it until I ASK you. I've hardly been able to TOUCH a copy yet, let alone start READING it yet.
  3. More more MORE new material, "Fate" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Considering how much of a genius writer she is, I'm expecting this one to be at the very least really good.
  4. Now for something I HAVE managed to read - Robin Cook books! Robin Cook is an AWESOME author ... except if you're bad with needles and death and other medical / gory / whatever stuff ... XD
  5. And just for a great series - "Circle of Magic" by Tamora Pierce.
Yes, they are all on my to-read list ... duh ... reading some of Cook's books at the current point in time ... I think it's called Contagion. So far it's about a plague / similar highly infectious disease epidemic in New York (I think it's NY anyway - no good at American geography). And it originates in a HOSPITAL. Lol. Anyway, it's from the forensic pathologists' POV. So yes, plenty of death in this book, particularly as the main character WORKS IN THE MORGUE. LOL.

So what's everyone else reading right now? I'm curious. And any more suggestions?


Stuchy said...

If you think that James Patterson's kids books are good.... then a) you're either glorifying them or b) you actually like them which I find weird..... HOWEVER, Read any and all of James Patterson's numerous adults series, ESPECIALLY, any of the Alex Cross series. Now I can tell you, they are FANTASTIC!

Sonja said...

Well I do like the Maximum Ride ones, despite how ridiculous they can be.