Monday, May 11, 2009


Thanks J!!!!
I've finally heard about the school KO hockey team ...
Talk about leaving it to the last minute though - girls in my hockey team have been talking about their school KO teams for WEEKS!
Oh, this is going to be fun ... at the hockey centre for THREE games this Saturday. I am PSYCHED AS.
Well ... playing for three teams now ... SCORE.

I've spent the past couple of days listening obsessively to Enya. She uses such strange instruments, and has such a strange vocal style, but it really works!
Also found a very good song a couple of days ago, if you're interested: Carousel, by Paper Route

Let's leave on a funny note with the translated lyrics of yet another song I like :D
Called 'A Mhuirnin O', it's by Clannad and is in Irish. It's about some rich girl who attracts some guy with a posh accent but no money. They get married, but it's not working out for the girl ... until the guy wins the lottery. LOL
Here it is:
My darling love, will you come back home?
My darling love, will you come with me?
My darling love, will you come back home?
My darling love

He was down at the market
He drank and sang all day long
When night came and he hadn't a penny in his pocket
Oh what a shame I didn't take the missus' advice

I met him at sunrise
A charming, healthy and lively young lad
When he lifted his hat and spoke with a smile
I fell in love with him, thought it would never end

My coat had buttons of silver
And the best silk ribbons in the country
Golden chains and precious stones
I truly enticed him with my glitter and gold

No one knew from which part of the land he came
He spoke nobly and with pleasant ease
Rumor had it that there was a lord in his family
It wasn't long 'til I was engaged to him

The bond is long and difficult to untie
It's much better to be sure of it*
It didn't take long 'til he broke my heart
Indeed this is not the story I'd prefer to be telling**

But then he went back down to the market
And bought a ticket for a pound or two
Luck was on his side, he won the lottery
Now we'll forever be living the good life

*This might mean that the link to this nobleman was a very distant one, and that 'he' therefore was not rich - in fact quite poor; so she instantly regrets her engagement to him.

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