Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mostly school stuff today

For sport at school next term, I'm gonna do hockey XD Cos hockey was FINALLY put back on!!!! YAY!!!!
Means I will now be at the Hockey Centre for 4 events per week now - training, field game, goalie game and school sport!
LOL my sister's Yr 6 teacher works at the canteen there. And I have a feeling she plays for one of the women's teams, just not my club so I wouldn't know which club it is.

In English today me and Puzzle rewrote most of Romeo and Juliet's "balcony scene" in a modern way and it was sooooooooo fun. I finished the rest of it when I got home. For homework. Cos it's part of a bigger group work project our teacher is making us do for Monday. Me and Puzzle are writing the script and performing it and the other two in our group are doing the research and presentation stuff.

:C Today I was SOOOOOOOOO not in the mood to play Ultimate Frisbee. So I was glad it was so "wet".
I think Dylan was glad too. Cos he got to go through Crystal's iPod. LOL.

I got HEAPS of random CDs from the library today. Some are REALLY good. Like the Thrice one in particular. And I got the All-American Rejects' new album. LOL
"If you see my face, hope it gives you hell ... "
How can you NOT like that song?
I also got a couple of ... STRANGE books as well. Sure, I'm gonna finish them ... but they're sill STRANGE. And I need the novels for English (our teacher makes us read). I was running out. A week ago.

Grrrrrrrrrrr. Our maths teacher thought it would be nice not to assign the last topic of our chapter for homework so we can start the next chapter later. The next chapter is EQUATIONS. WE REALLY WANT TO DO THAT CHAPTER!!!! (Well, I do). It's the best thing in maths, equations.

I got stuff I wanna do, so I'll be off. Bye.

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Laura said...

I like that All-American Rejects song. It is pretty good. :)