Monday, April 20, 2009

>_<' title plz???

I've caught up on some reading now that the holidays have come through.
I looked at a "new" (as in new to me) author, Charles de Lint. The first book I read of his, Little (Grrl) Lost, was ... ok ... you know, one of them. The other one, The Blue Girl, was actually really good. I'm not gonna go look at his other books though. Just leave it at that.
Read some other books. One was That's Why I Wrote This Song. It was ok, but the best part I can say about it was that it mentioned The Living End XDDDDDDDD
Ummmm ... I can't remember the other books I read. But there weren't too many. I haven't read that many books these holidays, actually ...

My feet have been complaining of being cold almost ALL the time lately ... It's not that cold but my feet think so. Maybe I have to knock some sense into them.

Why do SOOOOOO many people spell "conscience" incorrectly? COME ON PEOPLE, IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!!!
Far OUT!

"I'm not alone cos the TV's on yeah ..."

Actually I don't watch that much TV ...


SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

UMMMM ... good question actually. The holidays have gotten to me XD

That's all (for now) folks!!!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

Conscience is an easy word to spell. It is just "con" and "science".

Holidays are awesome. I went back to school yesterday and I wanted my holidays back. School sucks. ;_;

Sonja said...

Huh ... some parts of the post just went MISSING ... is there some word-napper lurking!!!????
*paranoid now*