Monday, April 6, 2009


Mute was at school today. So happy!

Anyway, in hockey training this arvo I got taught how to correctly hit a hockey ball. Now IF YOU PLAYED it wouldn't sound so stupid. So all you who are laughing your guts out ...
Anyway for those who DO play - it's AWESOME being able to make the ball go so hard and fast!
(More for those who DON'T PLAY - you poor poor people - in most mixed comps men are NOT allowed to hit the ball)

Meh. Another goalie game just standing around. I was seriously tempted to start doing the Macarena. I should've. Next game.
At least I finally had a good kit today ...

Holidays soon ... wow ...
School seems so timeless.

Not much more to say really, except I missed a trial soccer match (wouldn't have been able to make it either, anyway) and my next hockey games aren't until after the next school term starts D:

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