Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today ... yeah ... at least I heard something about earthquakes XD

Anyway, to quote Rhoddie: today was a shocker.
It wasn't JUST what happened at lunch, it was ... pretty much everything. Everyone's getting on my case for no reason, everything that can go wrong IS going wrong, there's no time ...
And it's not just my group that's been having problems. Lily's group ... they had a bad day too, at lunch (not a very good time of day anymore, no?) ... things just got out of hand and there's been some suspensions and warnings of suspensions and they're group is now stuffed for the moment.

But there WERE some good parts to the day - my stomach was hurting there for AGES cos I was laughing sooooooooo hard sooooooooo much. And I especially can't think of "sloth" in the same way again (Poor poor Crystal ... ) XD

A good music vid on YouTube. Wow ...

Anyways, National Youth Week is coming up and I'm thinking of maybe entering some competitions. And there are some REALLY good prizes there ... it'd be lovely to win them but I'm not gonna get my hopes up. One bit.

Soccer tonight was pretty good, we played a game near the end and it went on way past the end cos we all enjoyed it so much XD

Anyone heard about the earthquakes in Victoria? I only just did!


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