Monday, March 23, 2009


Today I didn't have my science test cos my teacher wasn't prepared for it. SCORE.
Though it probably would have been better to have it yesterday ... oh well.

Anyway, after hockey training tonight I had my first game - keeper for the B-graders. I have my first proper game tomorrow, ON FIELD in AR.
Yeah being keeper was actually OK. Although I need to use a bigger helmet next time. I wouldn't wish a small helmet on my worst enemy ... it hurts AND I wear it for almost an hour. Painful.
But apart from that and a couple pf FAILS it was soooooooooooooooo good.
Missed ya hockey!

I have the agenda - FINALLY - for convention (some camp I'm going on at Easter) now. Taken AGES to get drawn up, it has! And I don't have the "need to bring such-and-such" sheet yet.
I'm really looking forward to going - it should be reallyreallyreally fun!

Hmmmm ... Earth Hour is coming up ... I might participate. Not officially though.

I've got a GREAT idea for the photography section of National Youth Week and I just HAVE to do it. Even if I don't end up entering. Thing is, I need TIME. I dont think I'll get the time I need til Wednesday or Thursday.
The theme is "make a move". And in my idea I've managed to put in at least two or three interpretations of the phrase. XD Can't wait to get this DONE! It's been in my head since Saturday!

Kram was on Good News Week earlier.
Still annoyed Spiderbait ain't together.
LOL in JB HiFi they've put Kram's CD under Spiderbait. That's just saying they HAVE to get back.

I'm off. Bye.


Laura said...

Is this an ANNUAL thing?

I remember last year's Earth Hour. My parents invited some family friends around. And me and my brothers and the other kids decided to turn off all the lights. While we were eating dinner. And our parents were like, "O_______O"
Good times.

Sonja said...

I THINK it's annual ...
XD did anyone get food all over themselves?????