Friday, March 27, 2009

"Randomme Funnie Stuffe" (ye olde Englishe strange muche?)

I'm gonna annoy yas all today with random funny stuff:

"When you said Alice should bite Bella, I pictured crazy Alice Longbottom launching herself at Bellatrix Lestrange"

When looking around on deviantART I found this [link] and could not resist trying to find the original poem for myself. And so I found it here [link]. And I'm LOLing soooooo much.
It's this stupid 1620s poem about some guy who farts in parliament and they're trying to work out if he meant it as an insult.

[link] The funniest emote I've ever seen.

Uhhhhhh running outta funnies now ... lemme just look ... okies I give up. FIND YOUR OWN!!!



Laura said...

They were so funny. ^____^

Sonja said...

I know!