Saturday, March 7, 2009

"I'm conflicted ... "

Ever had one of those days when you keep alternating from crummy to sparky?
Yeah ...

The title fits ... just a random line from the song I'm listening to. Good coincidence, no?

Anyway ... I've been thinking about this that and the other thing today and nothing clear has come yet. About ANYTHING. Even about the smallest thing, like what to do at the moment - read this book or that one or write or what song ... And then there's other things.
But at least it's exercising my brain. And I don't have to do work to. ;P

The surprise party last night was pretty good. And it was a complete surprise by the look of things. Poor Kayto was COMPLETELY overwhelmed ... WOW at times it looked like she was gonna cry, she was so touched. XD

I guess it's almost lunchtime now ...

I was gonna write something ... what was it?
Lemme think ... *smoke starts pouring out of ears*
Ok maybe that was a bad idea, ey?

If I'm doing proper hockey this year then I'll have training on Monday after school. I still need to decide whether I'll walk there from school or just get off the bus near there. Probably take the bus ... it is a fair walk and I'll have my school bag AND my hockey gear AND another bag with my PE gear, a change of clothes for hockey and my lunchbox. SO ... I think I'll go with getting off my bus there.

See ya


Laura said...

Surprise parties would be so much fun. The person walks in, looking absolutely confused and overwhelmed, while everyone shouts, "SURPRISE!" The look on their face is priceless. ^____^

One day, (hopefully), someone will organise a surprise party for meeeeeeeee.

Sonja said...

XD yeah surprise parties are heaps fun! and we did do the "surprise!" thing - it just didn't work out too dramatically. we we all off cue and someone had shot a balloon and missed :C