Monday, March 9, 2009

Had quite a long day today ... hardly home at all!

So ... I did both hockey and soccer training today ... and took the bus to the hockey centre ... so it all worked fine.
Lugging around my hockey and soccer stuff was SOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying tho!
Anyway, I just looked at my hockey club's website and ...
They have like ... EVERYTHING. From news to internal messaging ... (and downloads of the beep test, LOL)
:C Dylan walked straight past me as I was walking out ... XD
I was looking through part of the draw and ... at some point I will be playing my school team. DAMN. WHY????? It's hard enough I had to choose between a proper club and the school team, and now I have to play against them? :""""""C

Oh no, school photos tomorrow ...
I hate school photos.
School photos should DIE.

I was hardly at home today, so ONCE AGAIN I couldn't do my Maths homework :C
It's really hard to get done cos I need either the computer or my text book, plus my pens and book.
And cos I don't drag my text book around everywhere ...

Wednesday I'm going down to Sydney to watch Guys and Dolls at Capitol Theatre ... should be good. If it's not done TOO old-fashioned. LOL Jodie wants an account of the whole ENTIRE thing when we get back cos she REALLY wanted to go but only recently found out she could've if she'd just paid for the ticket last year ... maybe she was confused with years? Idk ...

But anyway, I'm gonna finish up now. Bye.

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Laura said...

I hate school photos too. For some reason, I always look bad. :/