Saturday, March 21, 2009

AWESOME day today - some literally unbelievable stuff happened XD

Thursday was the athletics carnival. It was an OK day, though I think I would've just prefered to have normal school.
Proper sport is so much better than athletics.
Anyway, on the bus to the athletics carnival, there was this guy who kept dumping deodorant on himself and everyone around him. I was half a minute away from pouring my icecold water down his head and back when he stopped being so annoying and settled down.

I was looking at some book, it's about different mediums you can use for art and it has some tutes, and I can't believe how many paint / ink / whatev types there are!!!!
How are you meant to remember what they're all good / bad for????
*shakes head*

My mum's torn a muscle in her leg, apparently. But I didn't find out til AGES after everyone else did. So yesterday, school early leave day, me and Mado were looking for the car where mum usually parks while walking to the crossing, and Mado asks me "Is your mum picking us up today?" So I answer "Yeah if she remembers" (I didn't know about the muscle yet). And I look up ... and DAD was there. WHAT??? (He was MEANT to be at work!) And yeah ... that was sorta funny ...
LOL it seems to be the time for things like that cos the doctor thinks my aunt has lupus ...

Hehehe I gelled my hair again today and it worked better this time - I got a mowhawk XD
You shoulda seen some of the looks I got cos of that and cos I was wearing all black. I wasn't wearing all black on purpose though - it was all I had left cos the washing hadn't been done this week.

I got new soccer boots today. They're bright green. And (THIS is a total SHOCKER) ... I GOT NEW SCHOOL SHOES. Yes folks, I managed to find some black leather shoes that manage to fit my feet. In fact, I found TWO pairs and had some trouble trying to figure out which pair to get.
How on Earth did that manage to happen???? LOL

I finally got to see (most of) Pirates of the Caribbean! YAY! Good movie. But then, most of yas would already know that.

I've rattled on plenty now ... see yas!

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Laura said...


I can't wait for my Athletics Carnival. Got any good themes I can suggest that my year level can dress up as??