Wednesday, March 4, 2009

100th Post! (or something like that. maybe there's a draft somewhere) XD

WOW. I think that was the first ever post title I wrote first. And by far the easiest to think of.
... OK. And another first - it was easier to think of the title than the post.

It was a friend's 17th yesterday. XD I don't feel so old anymore.
And it was a cousin's 13th the day before. Damn, her being so old is beginning to take away the young feeling I had. LOL
Anyway, I had some awesome lemon meringue (or however you spell that word ... ) pie yesterday. And I also found out that Milo as a substitute for coco / chocolate flavour in cake icing is REEAALLLLLYY good. So there's a tip if you plan on making cake. Which doesn't sound like too bad an idea for the weekend as something to do. Better than bored outta my brain anyway.

I listened to some Placebo songs today. One or two of them are particularly captivating. Like 'Commercial for Levi'. That one I've listened to over and over.
LOL another of the songs is pretty funny. Like, it starts off:
"A friend in need's a friend indeed
But a friend with weed is better"
That cracks me up. It's not as funny when Dad quotes it though ... ;P

I read a rather interesting book today. It's called 'The Red Cardigan', by J. C. Burke.
Omigosh ... I lent Puzzle this 300 - 400 page book at the beginning of school and BEFORE THE END OF SCHOOL SHE WAS FINISHED. Where does she get all the time to read it in class? Did she do any of the work?
I'm not blaming her for reading it - it was a REEEAAALLLLLLYY good book - but that kinda threw me a bit. I'm not used to people reading things faster than me. LOL.
Cos most people can't. Seriously. I've read some GIANT books in just one day, but that's cos I haven't had SCHOOL to worry about.
Maybe that's why. Puzzle had the book prioritised over all else.
I don't know ...

Anyways, I guess that's all I wanna say atm ... so bye!
Til next time ...

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Laura said...

Well, it's my 18TH tomorrow. :P