Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Be prepared for a LONG read

D= Schoolwork has kept me pretty busy lately ...
And now I'm obsessing over my music exam that's on Friday. There's SO MUCH in it. I have to remember heaps key / scale / modulation stuff, baroque dates / features / composers & compositions, intervals (which I'm not SO obsessing about cos of how MUCH we've done them) ... Honestly I have a whole page of what's in it!

Hmmmmm ... things have been rather ... rollercoastery ... for me lately. Just things happening here there and everywhere, and people either not understanding or refusing to understand or maybe it's the same thing about listening.

Lily is going out with someone. AGAIN.
Somethimes I worry about her. Especially with how she was about Shaun after they broke up. I don't like to see my friends hurt.
Which brings me on to how I worry about other friends too ...
Look, I try not to worry, and it works, to a certain extent. I certainly don't worry as much as I could. But it's human nature.
Anyway, it was quite a shock, who Lily is going out with. AND SHE HAD NEVER TOLD ME. :C

O_O I had to play OzTag today. I suck at OzTag. I just CAN'T tag people. I'm too afraid to injure my hand further. Cos it still hasn't healed and I guess I'm just gonna have to accept the fact that it never will.
At least I can still use it for what matters - hockey, writing and drawing.
O_O Even worse I had DANCE in PE today.
I can't dance to save my LIFE. And what's worse is that I'd missed the last lesson - doctor's appointment - so I didn't know the dance we were doing so I had to learn it as we added MORE steps to it.

I'm writing a song at the moment. XD I just need to get to Dad's electric guitar. And that won't happen til ... til ... til ...
Ummmm I don't have much free time Tuesday first week of holidays. But even then Mum probably won't let me. So that makes it ... in two Saturdays' time ... O_O
Uh ... right ...
I have ideas and stuff anyway, so I'll deal ...
I have the lyrics and the music for that done. I like the lyrics XD and I've gotten some good feedback on them so I may as well write them up on here.
Don't Know What To Say

V1. You try not to look around
You try not to remember
How on Earth you got here
‘Cause the memories, they still sear
Close your eyes but the visions burn
Away from everything you try to turn
But the current is too strong and swift
You are too weak and you start to drift

CH. And now you run away ...
And now you run away ...
And now you run away
And you are deaf to our pleas for you to stay
We love you so much more than you know
What makes you so keen to go?
We watch you run away ...
And don’t know what to say

V2. You’re too far out and all alone
Made your heart walls of stone
Nothing should hurt you anymore
But why do you still feel sore?
Escape the pain equals lose yourself
But there’s a greater need to find yourself
Too many problems but no solutions
This conflict is one great contusion

CH. And now you run away ...
And now you run away ...
And now you run away
And you are deaf to our pleas for you to stay
We love you so much more than you know
What makes you so keen to go?
We watch you run away ...
And don’t know what to say

BR. Yes, you’re under attack
Yes, you’re copping mass flak
But if you would just come back!
I’m sure there’s something we could do
Something we could do to save you
If you would just come back
We can help save you

CH. And now you run away ...
And now you run away ...
And now you run away
And you are deaf to our pleas for you to stay
We love you so much more than you know
What makes you so keen to go?
We watch you run away ...
And don’t know what to say

Wow, heaps long and there was more I was gonna write, except I forget what it was XD
So see ya, I guess

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Randomme Funnie Stuffe" (ye olde Englishe strange muche?)

I'm gonna annoy yas all today with random funny stuff:

"When you said Alice should bite Bella, I pictured crazy Alice Longbottom launching herself at Bellatrix Lestrange"

When looking around on deviantART I found this [link] and could not resist trying to find the original poem for myself. And so I found it here [link]. And I'm LOLing soooooo much.
It's this stupid 1620s poem about some guy who farts in parliament and they're trying to work out if he meant it as an insult.

[link] The funniest emote I've ever seen.

Uhhhhhh running outta funnies now ... lemme just look ... okies I give up. FIND YOUR OWN!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009


Today I didn't have my science test cos my teacher wasn't prepared for it. SCORE.
Though it probably would have been better to have it yesterday ... oh well.

Anyway, after hockey training tonight I had my first game - keeper for the B-graders. I have my first proper game tomorrow, ON FIELD in AR.
Yeah being keeper was actually OK. Although I need to use a bigger helmet next time. I wouldn't wish a small helmet on my worst enemy ... it hurts AND I wear it for almost an hour. Painful.
But apart from that and a couple pf FAILS it was soooooooooooooooo good.
Missed ya hockey!

I have the agenda - FINALLY - for convention (some camp I'm going on at Easter) now. Taken AGES to get drawn up, it has! And I don't have the "need to bring such-and-such" sheet yet.
I'm really looking forward to going - it should be reallyreallyreally fun!

Hmmmm ... Earth Hour is coming up ... I might participate. Not officially though.

I've got a GREAT idea for the photography section of National Youth Week and I just HAVE to do it. Even if I don't end up entering. Thing is, I need TIME. I dont think I'll get the time I need til Wednesday or Thursday.
The theme is "make a move". And in my idea I've managed to put in at least two or three interpretations of the phrase. XD Can't wait to get this DONE! It's been in my head since Saturday!

Kram was on Good News Week earlier.
Still annoyed Spiderbait ain't together.
LOL in JB HiFi they've put Kram's CD under Spiderbait. That's just saying they HAVE to get back.

I'm off. Bye.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

AWESOME day today - some literally unbelievable stuff happened XD

Thursday was the athletics carnival. It was an OK day, though I think I would've just prefered to have normal school.
Proper sport is so much better than athletics.
Anyway, on the bus to the athletics carnival, there was this guy who kept dumping deodorant on himself and everyone around him. I was half a minute away from pouring my icecold water down his head and back when he stopped being so annoying and settled down.

I was looking at some book, it's about different mediums you can use for art and it has some tutes, and I can't believe how many paint / ink / whatev types there are!!!!
How are you meant to remember what they're all good / bad for????
*shakes head*

My mum's torn a muscle in her leg, apparently. But I didn't find out til AGES after everyone else did. So yesterday, school early leave day, me and Mado were looking for the car where mum usually parks while walking to the crossing, and Mado asks me "Is your mum picking us up today?" So I answer "Yeah if she remembers" (I didn't know about the muscle yet). And I look up ... and DAD was there. WHAT??? (He was MEANT to be at work!) And yeah ... that was sorta funny ...
LOL it seems to be the time for things like that cos the doctor thinks my aunt has lupus ...

Hehehe I gelled my hair again today and it worked better this time - I got a mowhawk XD
You shoulda seen some of the looks I got cos of that and cos I was wearing all black. I wasn't wearing all black on purpose though - it was all I had left cos the washing hadn't been done this week.

I got new soccer boots today. They're bright green. And (THIS is a total SHOCKER) ... I GOT NEW SCHOOL SHOES. Yes folks, I managed to find some black leather shoes that manage to fit my feet. In fact, I found TWO pairs and had some trouble trying to figure out which pair to get.
How on Earth did that manage to happen???? LOL

I finally got to see (most of) Pirates of the Caribbean! YAY! Good movie. But then, most of yas would already know that.

I've rattled on plenty now ... see yas!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today ... yeah ... at least I heard something about earthquakes XD

Anyway, to quote Rhoddie: today was a shocker.
It wasn't JUST what happened at lunch, it was ... pretty much everything. Everyone's getting on my case for no reason, everything that can go wrong IS going wrong, there's no time ...
And it's not just my group that's been having problems. Lily's group ... they had a bad day too, at lunch (not a very good time of day anymore, no?) ... things just got out of hand and there's been some suspensions and warnings of suspensions and they're group is now stuffed for the moment.

But there WERE some good parts to the day - my stomach was hurting there for AGES cos I was laughing sooooooooo hard sooooooooo much. And I especially can't think of "sloth" in the same way again (Poor poor Crystal ... ) XD

A good music vid on YouTube. Wow ...

Anyways, National Youth Week is coming up and I'm thinking of maybe entering some competitions. And there are some REALLY good prizes there ... it'd be lovely to win them but I'm not gonna get my hopes up. One bit.

Soccer tonight was pretty good, we played a game near the end and it went on way past the end cos we all enjoyed it so much XD

Anyone heard about the earthquakes in Victoria? I only just did!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

FOOTY!!!!!!!! XD

O_______O I haven't updated in AGES. Sorry. The internet has been disagreeing with me. As has schoolwork. And I've also been heaps busy with other stuff too.

Guys and Dolls was heaps awesome =]
And while we were down in Sydney we went around in MarketCity a bit and I saw some pretty cool stuff. Eg, for Twilight fans there was this shirt with the slogan: "I kissed a vampire and I liked it" (LOL Katy Perry should do the song like that instead!)
And yeah, the was other stuff, like some cool keyrings and stationary (I love stationary, remember) etc ...

Today I went onto my email and saw SOOOOO many emails ... it's like half of my contacts decided to message me at once ...

I got some hair gel today. Let's see if it actually works ... I hope so!!!!!

I'm off to put some photos on the computer ... I keep forgetting to do that ... so bye!

(LOL gotcha's - there was NO mention WHATSOEVER of footy in here. :P )

Monday, March 9, 2009

Had quite a long day today ... hardly home at all!

So ... I did both hockey and soccer training today ... and took the bus to the hockey centre ... so it all worked fine.
Lugging around my hockey and soccer stuff was SOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying tho!
Anyway, I just looked at my hockey club's website and ...
They have like ... EVERYTHING. From news to internal messaging ... (and downloads of the beep test, LOL)
:C Dylan walked straight past me as I was walking out ... XD
I was looking through part of the draw and ... at some point I will be playing my school team. DAMN. WHY????? It's hard enough I had to choose between a proper club and the school team, and now I have to play against them? :""""""C

Oh no, school photos tomorrow ...
I hate school photos.
School photos should DIE.

I was hardly at home today, so ONCE AGAIN I couldn't do my Maths homework :C
It's really hard to get done cos I need either the computer or my text book, plus my pens and book.
And cos I don't drag my text book around everywhere ...

Wednesday I'm going down to Sydney to watch Guys and Dolls at Capitol Theatre ... should be good. If it's not done TOO old-fashioned. LOL Jodie wants an account of the whole ENTIRE thing when we get back cos she REALLY wanted to go but only recently found out she could've if she'd just paid for the ticket last year ... maybe she was confused with years? Idk ...

But anyway, I'm gonna finish up now. Bye.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"I'm conflicted ... "

Ever had one of those days when you keep alternating from crummy to sparky?
Yeah ...

The title fits ... just a random line from the song I'm listening to. Good coincidence, no?

Anyway ... I've been thinking about this that and the other thing today and nothing clear has come yet. About ANYTHING. Even about the smallest thing, like what to do at the moment - read this book or that one or write or what song ... And then there's other things.
But at least it's exercising my brain. And I don't have to do work to. ;P

The surprise party last night was pretty good. And it was a complete surprise by the look of things. Poor Kayto was COMPLETELY overwhelmed ... WOW at times it looked like she was gonna cry, she was so touched. XD

I guess it's almost lunchtime now ...

I was gonna write something ... what was it?
Lemme think ... *smoke starts pouring out of ears*
Ok maybe that was a bad idea, ey?

If I'm doing proper hockey this year then I'll have training on Monday after school. I still need to decide whether I'll walk there from school or just get off the bus near there. Probably take the bus ... it is a fair walk and I'll have my school bag AND my hockey gear AND another bag with my PE gear, a change of clothes for hockey and my lunchbox. SO ... I think I'll go with getting off my bus there.

See ya

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rants ... about a million of them ... plus surprise bday party warning

Why is everyone going out of their way to be soooooooo annoying?
What'd I ever do to them? (OK - don't answer that!)
But ... I'm never THIS annoying! At least not on purpose!

ALL RIGHT! Rant re: general annoyingness is OVER.
Onto a new one.

Rant re: camp
Everyone in the year at school keeps going on and on and on and on and on and on ... (etc) about the camp coming up and cabins and group buddies ... I just want them all to shut up cos we've got AGES until ANY of that needs to get sorted out and doing it now is just gonna make so many unnecessary fights. Plus, I'm sick of people saying my name when I'm not immediately around. Very jumpy.

Rant re: people
People who don't know when to stop talking annoy me in particular. My sisters and Motormouth, for example. People who take up more than one seat on a bus for NO REASON annoy me in particular. People who think they're helping but aren't annoy me in particular.

Rant re: rants
Just so you know, I'm hoping this is cathartic and I won't have to do it again ... cos it's starting to annoy ME.

Going to a surprise birthday party tomorrow. I wonder how much of a surprise it will really be tho ...
But I guess it should be fun.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

100th Post! (or something like that. maybe there's a draft somewhere) XD

WOW. I think that was the first ever post title I wrote first. And by far the easiest to think of.
... OK. And another first - it was easier to think of the title than the post.

It was a friend's 17th yesterday. XD I don't feel so old anymore.
And it was a cousin's 13th the day before. Damn, her being so old is beginning to take away the young feeling I had. LOL
Anyway, I had some awesome lemon meringue (or however you spell that word ... ) pie yesterday. And I also found out that Milo as a substitute for coco / chocolate flavour in cake icing is REEAALLLLLYY good. So there's a tip if you plan on making cake. Which doesn't sound like too bad an idea for the weekend as something to do. Better than bored outta my brain anyway.

I listened to some Placebo songs today. One or two of them are particularly captivating. Like 'Commercial for Levi'. That one I've listened to over and over.
LOL another of the songs is pretty funny. Like, it starts off:
"A friend in need's a friend indeed
But a friend with weed is better"
That cracks me up. It's not as funny when Dad quotes it though ... ;P

I read a rather interesting book today. It's called 'The Red Cardigan', by J. C. Burke.
Omigosh ... I lent Puzzle this 300 - 400 page book at the beginning of school and BEFORE THE END OF SCHOOL SHE WAS FINISHED. Where does she get all the time to read it in class? Did she do any of the work?
I'm not blaming her for reading it - it was a REEEAAALLLLLLYY good book - but that kinda threw me a bit. I'm not used to people reading things faster than me. LOL.
Cos most people can't. Seriously. I've read some GIANT books in just one day, but that's cos I haven't had SCHOOL to worry about.
Maybe that's why. Puzzle had the book prioritised over all else.
I don't know ...

Anyways, I guess that's all I wanna say atm ... so bye!
Til next time ...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Music stuff - tours and rarities CD

Was just looking around at stuff, and found out that:
  • Paramore and No Doubt are touring soon and doing some concerts together
  • The Living End will be going on a small tour soon
Except for the fact that I won't be able to go to Sydney on a Friday for the TLE concert there (which sucks cos this one I'd actually be allowed in - it's an all ages one) let alone going to AMERICA for the Paramore / No Doubt.
Oh well. They're all still going on tour and that's awesome cos they enjoy it.

TLE will also be releasing a rarities CD sometime soon. SO getting that.

That's all I wanted to say. Bye.