Friday, February 6, 2009

You kiss by th'book!


Yeah I know it's been ages but I've had school and I get up early these days so I don't have as much time on the 'puter.

Wow, second week of school behind me already!

LOL today in English I had to be Juliet.
"You kiss by th'book"
Yup I had to say that. In class. To 'Romeo' who was played by some whacked out dude. But at least he had to confess his love for me in line after line after line ... :D So it makes up for it.

In art we're doing still life. Ew. I can hardly draw that way.

:C I was having a perfect day today ... best cake ever at breakfast time, finished a book, had fun in the car on the way to school, there was a strike so school was starting late ... then Rhoddy gives me something to read and it makes another earthquake.
Can't life just be nicer on some people? (I'm not talking about me here ... )
The thign is tho, this time it wasn't so bad a quake. I don't know why. Maybe it's cos it's older news, and it hasn't infected the whole entire group this time.

WOW that must sound crazy to some of yas ... sorry!

Well gtg now ... I'll post properly tomorrow hopefully! (too many 'ly's in there ... )

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