Sunday, February 8, 2009

Titles bore me

Ok so my list for yesterday didn't totally work. I didn't clean up my room and I did no art or drawing whatsoever. I fail. Yesterday failed.

Grrrrrr I'm sick of listening to my sister completely and utterly failing to kill Elites in Halo 2.
I'm probably the best player of Xbox in my house. After all, I finished the game that no-one I know of has finished ... :D Feels good to be good at something.

Once again school is now dominating life, telling me how I spend the majority of my day ... well what FEELS like the majority of my day cos it spreads round the middle of the day. In actuality it isn't the majority of the day, you just can't do much after it's taken up the main hours of the day.
School should totally start in the afternoon and end late. That way you can do heaps more in the day.

Ants are getting into the house through my room. I hate them.

Someone's already managed to call me jellyfish ... LOL

There are some conversations where you don't want to come in partway through them ... XD I can think of so many like that.

Currently reading: Stravaganza: City of Secrets
Going to start reading by the end of the day because I'm almost finished the current book: ??
I have a choice - Tamora Pierce's new book, finish Airman, or to find where I got up to in the Traveling Pants books. And I really don't know which.
I love that word, Stravaganza. It's got a real flair about it. And it's not a real word :[
I'm not really reading too much atm though. I just can't stay still that long - even my eyes don't wanna stay that still. And my brain just shuts down after a sentence or two.

Anyway, this is a cool site to muck around on:
Take a look. Please?

Gtg now, bai!


Emilily said...

Thanks, Wordle's great. I typed in a random sentence about not knowing what it did and just trying it out, it being recommended by a friend, etc, and it actually ended up quite well. Well got to go, only just came on to print some maths stuff for Rhod.

Sonja said...

Yeah, I'm really enjoying Wordle. And it looks so professional!