Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sonja is ... [insert random word here please]

Is everyone super busy cos school's back?
I'm not.
Just focusing on the work and stuff somehow gives me more time. I think it's cos I don't daydream anywhere near as much. Cos I do that a lot XD
And most of the work provides release, better release than a book or something like that, cos it's more active and better for you than if you were doing something non-productive.
I'm not saying that HEAPS of work is good for you, heaven knows it's the very OPPOSITE, but some work is good.

Yes I had cake for breakfast yesterday ...

How I'm gonna spend the rest of the day:
- clean up my room AGAIN
- write or draw heaps (I've got a couple of story ideas just stewing in my head)
- listen to heapsa Spiderbait cos I haven't done that in a while
- dream about the upcoming new seasons of hockey and soccer
- maybe read a bit

Lists are fun. I've started using them heaps. They make you look so organised ... XD And they actually do help to express some things better.

Music yesterday was so fun - the peoples who didn't do their performances yesterday did theirs (and could be heard a couple of blocks away), homework was checked and those who's done their homework (only about half the class) could do prac for the rest of the lesson - SCORE!
And English ... LOL
There was a strike yesterday so we only had three lessons. And they were pretty good ... art would've been better if I didn't have to draw tablecloth patterns ...

Next week ... is new :P

One day I was writing this random stuff, and I started the sentence: Sonja is ... then I added the first word that came to my head. And it was: jellyfish. And therefore I somehow ended up with: Sonja is a jellyfish.
Sonja is a jellyfish.

So that ends today ... sorry there's nothing much. Life is fairly dull. With the exception of a few things ... LIKE HAVING AN AWESOME SLICE OF CAKE FOR BREAKFAST XD


Laura said...

I have lots of homework. Well, I am in year 12 and I'm pretty sure the teachers reckon Year 12's have no life.

(Well, I don't have a life 'cause I'm obsessed with Dale Thomas and the cricket and Simpsons.

Miss Girl said...

ur official nickname frm now on is 'jellyfish'! :P

Sonja said...

Teachers don't think ANYONE has a life. That's why they teach XD
Nah that's mean. Particularly cos three of my grandparents were teachers ...