Sunday, February 22, 2009

She STOLE it, I tell you

Yesterday Dad and I put a tape onto the computer - a LOOOOOOOOONG fiddly process but sooooooooooo worth it cos it was an awesome tape. And now it's on my MP3 player XD

Anyway, so far my weekend's been pretty good - at any rate not anything bad XD And today was pretty funny.

I am officially sick of Star Wars theme music. And Star Wars lego. And the words Star Wars. Blame my littlest sister and Xbox.

Y'know later I think I'll go on the Xbox. Cos I haven't in ages cos of my thumb and wrist. But they still haven't healed properly even though it was months ago they were injured or whatev and I really wanna play, so I may as well.

One of my sisters is wearing one of MY shirts, and she never asked me if she COULD wear it. She STOLE it. And I like that shirt! It's my only orange one!
And now I can never wear it again cos she's contaminated it ... LOL
But still, she STOLE it off me.

This high school near mine, the proper area one (mine's a selective and there's a performing arts school near mine too) it has a really weird setup - really short periods and then they have lunch before recess most days. And they only have sport - no PE.
And it's so BIG. Even though compared to some it would be pretty small, mine's a small one - only takes a fairly small amount into each year.
Glad I go to mine.

Ok I'm going now, I'm not really talking about much. Bye


Laura said...

My school used to have short periods - 45 minutes - but there were 7 periods a day. (That was when I was in year 7)
And now, we only have four 80-minute periods a day.

Anyhoo, 80-minute periods suck when you have Accounting. DON'T DO ACCOUNTING IN VCE/HSC/WHATEVER. SO BORING.

Sonja said...

yeah, they have 7 (or was it 8??) 45 min periods.
my school is awesome, ours are as bit over or under 55min, and we have 6 - 2 before recess, 2 before lunch, 2 after lunch. nice and balanced.
i think some other high school nearish me has 4 80min ones. my art teacher last year was talking about it cos her daughter goes there ...

Laura said...

My lil bro's school has six 55 minute periods. It seems like a good idea - why can't my school think of that idea?
Oh well, it doesn't matter - I'm in year 12. LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL, YAY!