Saturday, February 28, 2009

Storms and End-of-Summer Informs

Wow. Almost at the end of summer. Quite a strange summer. From extreme to extreme - with flood, drought, bushfire, with COLD and HOT and everything in between, with dry and humid ...

My favourite places are:
  • At the foot of my bed, curled up with a book or hunched over a sketchpad or lounging against the wall daydreaming and music going.
  • Either staircase at my Grandma and Grandad's.
  • My Grandpa's shed, with all the woodworking and gardening tools and sawdust.
  • The hockey field ... particularly at the time when you can watch the sky go from a light blue to ink black.
  • The beach, even if just for a walk.
  • Anywhere outside during a storm - it's always sooooooooooo beautiful.
They're all favourites cos they're good for thinking or they make me feel peaceful. And heaven knows I need that peaceful bit every once in a while ...

Here's a really nice song. It's by Enya ...
Trains and Winter Rains
City streets passing by
Underneath stormy skies
Neon signs in the night
Red and blue city lights
Cargo trains rolling by
Once again someone cries
Trains and winter rains
No going back no going home
Trains across the plains
And in the sky a star alone
Every time it’s the same
One more night one more train
Everywhere empty roads
Where they go no-one knows
Trains and winter rains
No going back no going home
Trains across the plains
And in the sky a star alone
Trains and winter rains
No going back no going home
Trains across the plains
And in the sky a star alone
Trains and winter rains
No going back no going home
Trains across the plains
And in the sky a star alone
Trains and winter rains
No going back no going home
Trains across the plains
And in the sky a star alone

We started watching the Franco Zefirelli version of Romeo and Juliet and it is sooooooooo bad. Everything in it is bad, from the costumes to the actors to the music to the deliverance of lines to the set.
Ugh the man who plays Romeo looks so much like Zack Efron, it's not funny.

My friend Puzzle, on Friday ... YESTERDAY ... asked someone if they thought suicide was cowardly or brave. I think it's neither.
I was pretty annoyed at her for asking that question actually ... it's a rather unpleasant and uncomfortable topic ... for a vast amount of reasons. Particularly the obvious - what suicide is.

Anyway if I don't stop now this'll go on forever. So bye!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I got my hair cut today. Cut SHORT. And also ... I got it coloured ... PURPLE!
I really like it how it is now. It looks awesome! And I can't wait to see some other people's reactions ... particularly my grandma (she's gonna go psycho cos I "cut all my curls off" - I've cut my hair short before).
Yeah ... weird thing about my hair is that the longer it is the curlier it is and for most people it's the opposite. So now it's short, and not curly one bit!

That's all I have to say now ... life's ... RELATIVELY uneventful ...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She STOLE it, I tell you

Yesterday Dad and I put a tape onto the computer - a LOOOOOOOOONG fiddly process but sooooooooooo worth it cos it was an awesome tape. And now it's on my MP3 player XD

Anyway, so far my weekend's been pretty good - at any rate not anything bad XD And today was pretty funny.

I am officially sick of Star Wars theme music. And Star Wars lego. And the words Star Wars. Blame my littlest sister and Xbox.

Y'know later I think I'll go on the Xbox. Cos I haven't in ages cos of my thumb and wrist. But they still haven't healed properly even though it was months ago they were injured or whatev and I really wanna play, so I may as well.

One of my sisters is wearing one of MY shirts, and she never asked me if she COULD wear it. She STOLE it. And I like that shirt! It's my only orange one!
And now I can never wear it again cos she's contaminated it ... LOL
But still, she STOLE it off me.

This high school near mine, the proper area one (mine's a selective and there's a performing arts school near mine too) it has a really weird setup - really short periods and then they have lunch before recess most days. And they only have sport - no PE.
And it's so BIG. Even though compared to some it would be pretty small, mine's a small one - only takes a fairly small amount into each year.
Glad I go to mine.

Ok I'm going now, I'm not really talking about much. Bye

Saturday, February 21, 2009

An astonishing discovery

I got some CDs from the library yesterday, and one was this thing where they got some bands and they played songs that are totally different to their usual style. The most hilarious one, and the most UNBELIEVABLE one was ... THE WIGGLES played an ACDC song. O_O
The WIGGLES played an ACDC song ... still can't get over that.
TLE, Spiderbait and Killing Heidi did songs too. And they were awesome. And Killing Heidi officially rules at it.
At the library, I also saw a CD with an interesting cover, and it turns out to be a really awesome CD. So maybe you CAN judge things by their cover.
The Wiggles ...

So anyway, we finally stopped destroying our artworks for art's sake in art now, and we're doing woodblocks. But of the same thing :C At least I don't have to tear up a beautiful charcoal sketch ...

SOOOOOO sick of all these love proclamations, suicide threats and speeches.
Cos COME ON ... I mean, Juliet is thirteen. THIRTEEN. That's younger than I am ...
My compacted version of R&J:
"i am forever in love with rosaline, so why doesn't she love me?"
"come ON romeo, don't be so stupid. let's go to a dance. meet other girls there" *drags protesting romeo*
"juliet. but sorry - we're at war with that family. let her go too"
*romeo meets juliet under her balcony later. almost all the rest of the play is them (mostly romeo) proclaiming their love for each other. that's, idk, about 60 pages?*
"oh no! juliet's dead! i must kill myself!" *dies*
*juliet, that faker, wakes up* "oh no! romeo's dead! i must kill myself!" *dies*
*five pages of speeches about their deaths from other people*


Anyway before I kill yas all with another mention of the Wiggles, I better go. Bye!

(PS ... the Wiggles!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

ABBA rox the elavatorrrrrrrrrr ... WHUT?!?!

You know that ABBA song, Honey Honey?
Well take a look at this:

Ewwy Huey, how you're stinky, aha, ewwy Huey
Ewwy Huey, how you kill me, aha, ewwy Huey
I'd heard about you before
Don't wanna hear no more
Cos now I know what they mean
You're a stink machine
Oh you make me dizzy
Ewwy Huey, won't you beat it, aha, ewwy Huey
Ewwy Huey, cos you don't conceal it, aha, ewwy Huey
The way you stink up the room
Makes me wanna put you in a monsoon
That way you're either all clean or you've drowned
Gonna have a shower later, but I enjoy seeing you cry
So maybe I'll leave it, and watching you'll give me my high
I'm getting rid of you, boy, and I don't care how it's done
Cos once I'm rid of you I might finally have some fun
Ewwy Huey, too much BO, baby, aha, ewwy Huey
Ewwy Huey, get deo, baby, aha, ewwy Huey
You look like a pile of poo
A shower's too much for you
And Huey, to say the least, you're a foul beast
I'm getting rid of you, boy, and I don't care how it's done
Cos once I'm rid of you I might finally have some fun
Ewwy Huey, how you're stinky, aha, ewwy Huey
Ewwy Huey, nearly kill me, aha, ewwy Huey
I'd heard about you before
Don't wanna hear no more
Cos now I know what they mean
You're a stink machine

(My apologies to any nice guys whose name is Huey)
So what do yas all think?
I had the best time writing it, I tell you ... XDDDDDDDDDD

School is going ok atm, steady but not too much homework (actually wouldn't mind a bit more ... sad I know ...), fair classes, great being with so many of my friends ...
I wouldn't mind it if it stays this way, but it's not - the homework is gonna build up, classwork will change, exams'll come up ... but there's also gonna be proper excursions soon XDDD like going to the art gallery, eistoddfods (or however you spell that!), camp, a production down in Sydney ...

I might be able to play in a proper hockey team ... right now I play for the school in various comps ... YAY. FINALLLY got some contact details ...

LOL todaisy I was really hyped, for no reason ... it's like that song, "hyped to the hill on red colouring" except this time there was no red colouring.

So I think that's pretty much it for today, so bye!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some random whining, I guess ... it wasn't supposed to end up like whining anyway ...

Ok. I got some writing done! YAY! And I did a rough of some artwork I'm planning.

No-one (except u, Annie <3) had been on email in ages ... unless it's for forwards ... :C

So anyway, Dad comes back from Melbourne tonight. And he's bringing me a cow-shaped stress ball! XDDDDDDD Can't wait XDDDDDD

My moods have been so whacked out over the past three or four days ... It's SOOOO frustrating. Especially cos there's absolutely NO reason for most, if not all of it.

I can't wait for Tuesday night cos I got hockey. 1) It's not at school or home 2) It helps me centre myself 3) It's fun.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whoever invented timers is gonna DIEEEEEE an awful death that I devise. Just gimme a few minutes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just random stuff that's happening

Lily and Shaun broke up Tuesday avo, and it really got to Lily. The untouchably happy friend of mine was in tears so much on Wednesday. She's a lot better now, but she's not totally back to her untouchably happy self. That'll take a while.
One day Shaun will regret it.

Anyway, today may be Friday the 13th, but at school Valentine's Day roses were abundant. Stupid things.
Valentine's Day annoys me. Friday the 13th is better, cos 13 is my favourite number, along with 7.

I haven't done any proper art or writing in soooooo long cos I've been totally focused on schoolwork and helping my friends out and reading (there were a couple of books I wanted to finish). And I still need to sort out that last bit of my room. I wish I could just gain like 3 hours or something in the day so I can just focus on drawing, colouring, painting or writing for a worthwhile time.
I don't consider pencilled still life in art class as proper art, just so you know.

Dad's in Melbourne at the moment, at some work conference. It sounds like he's having fun.

So anyway, that's all, really. Unless you wanted to know I'm awesome at converting both parts of a rate. I still like equations better, tho.
I hate how behind my maths class is ... we're on 1.6 and one class (Mrs C's of course ... ) is almost at 3.1 ... if they're not there already ...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now I see you've broken a feather ... WTH?

Waaaaah I played hockey in pouring rain earlier. It was fun until I stopped playing, then it was plain nuisance, being so wet. And I managed to get hit in the head when playing soccer during PE, and fall over in volleyball (sports science). But getting hit in the head was pretty fun too :DDD

How do you 'break a feather'?

Lately I've been going from really quiet to really talkative. So those who I've not said much to - SORRY! (I don't much care about being talkative)

Tomorrow is gonna prove busy ... fun ... NOT.

SOOOO tired now - I'm going to bed. Night all.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Titles bore me

Ok so my list for yesterday didn't totally work. I didn't clean up my room and I did no art or drawing whatsoever. I fail. Yesterday failed.

Grrrrrr I'm sick of listening to my sister completely and utterly failing to kill Elites in Halo 2.
I'm probably the best player of Xbox in my house. After all, I finished the game that no-one I know of has finished ... :D Feels good to be good at something.

Once again school is now dominating life, telling me how I spend the majority of my day ... well what FEELS like the majority of my day cos it spreads round the middle of the day. In actuality it isn't the majority of the day, you just can't do much after it's taken up the main hours of the day.
School should totally start in the afternoon and end late. That way you can do heaps more in the day.

Ants are getting into the house through my room. I hate them.

Someone's already managed to call me jellyfish ... LOL

There are some conversations where you don't want to come in partway through them ... XD I can think of so many like that.

Currently reading: Stravaganza: City of Secrets
Going to start reading by the end of the day because I'm almost finished the current book: ??
I have a choice - Tamora Pierce's new book, finish Airman, or to find where I got up to in the Traveling Pants books. And I really don't know which.
I love that word, Stravaganza. It's got a real flair about it. And it's not a real word :[
I'm not really reading too much atm though. I just can't stay still that long - even my eyes don't wanna stay that still. And my brain just shuts down after a sentence or two.

Anyway, this is a cool site to muck around on:
Take a look. Please?

Gtg now, bai!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sonja is ... [insert random word here please]

Is everyone super busy cos school's back?
I'm not.
Just focusing on the work and stuff somehow gives me more time. I think it's cos I don't daydream anywhere near as much. Cos I do that a lot XD
And most of the work provides release, better release than a book or something like that, cos it's more active and better for you than if you were doing something non-productive.
I'm not saying that HEAPS of work is good for you, heaven knows it's the very OPPOSITE, but some work is good.

Yes I had cake for breakfast yesterday ...

How I'm gonna spend the rest of the day:
- clean up my room AGAIN
- write or draw heaps (I've got a couple of story ideas just stewing in my head)
- listen to heapsa Spiderbait cos I haven't done that in a while
- dream about the upcoming new seasons of hockey and soccer
- maybe read a bit

Lists are fun. I've started using them heaps. They make you look so organised ... XD And they actually do help to express some things better.

Music yesterday was so fun - the peoples who didn't do their performances yesterday did theirs (and could be heard a couple of blocks away), homework was checked and those who's done their homework (only about half the class) could do prac for the rest of the lesson - SCORE!
And English ... LOL
There was a strike yesterday so we only had three lessons. And they were pretty good ... art would've been better if I didn't have to draw tablecloth patterns ...

Next week ... is new :P

One day I was writing this random stuff, and I started the sentence: Sonja is ... then I added the first word that came to my head. And it was: jellyfish. And therefore I somehow ended up with: Sonja is a jellyfish.
Sonja is a jellyfish.

So that ends today ... sorry there's nothing much. Life is fairly dull. With the exception of a few things ... LIKE HAVING AN AWESOME SLICE OF CAKE FOR BREAKFAST XD

Friday, February 6, 2009

You kiss by th'book!


Yeah I know it's been ages but I've had school and I get up early these days so I don't have as much time on the 'puter.

Wow, second week of school behind me already!

LOL today in English I had to be Juliet.
"You kiss by th'book"
Yup I had to say that. In class. To 'Romeo' who was played by some whacked out dude. But at least he had to confess his love for me in line after line after line ... :D So it makes up for it.

In art we're doing still life. Ew. I can hardly draw that way.

:C I was having a perfect day today ... best cake ever at breakfast time, finished a book, had fun in the car on the way to school, there was a strike so school was starting late ... then Rhoddy gives me something to read and it makes another earthquake.
Can't life just be nicer on some people? (I'm not talking about me here ... )
The thign is tho, this time it wasn't so bad a quake. I don't know why. Maybe it's cos it's older news, and it hasn't infected the whole entire group this time.

WOW that must sound crazy to some of yas ... sorry!

Well gtg now ... I'll post properly tomorrow hopefully! (too many 'ly's in there ... )