Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your tongue is hanging out! LOL Random song lines are fun

According to some survey thing I was looking at, being pushed into a pool with all your clothes on is one of the 120 Stupidest Things. So, what is you go in the pool on purpose, for FUN (like not for some lifesaving thing or something)? Cos I did that on Friday night, just went in the pool for a swim with all my clothes on.

Anyway, went out for dinner tonight cos it was one of my aunt's 40th birthday. So we had a whole room to ourselves (cos it was almost all my dad's side rellies, and that's a fair bit :D ). And it got rowdy cos some of my cuzzies are pretty young, and like being loud. Anyway, it was pretty funny, cos we were going to an American-type restaurant on Australia Day.
LOL you should see some of the photos ...
Me and Caleb didn't much like all the fuss about ice cream desserts. We both can't have milk. He's worse than me tho.

O________O I can't believe that school starts this week. The holidays seem to have gone on forever, but finally pulling through. And now, instead of only looking forward to it I'm quite apprehensive as well.
Grrrrrrrr I have to get up really early for school nowadays cos of a before school commitment. At least it'll be fun, hehehehe ... :DDDDDDD Still, with the way I sleep, it's gonna kill me for the first week, waking up at like 5 30, maybe 5 45 ... Cos I'm awake up late at night a lot, even if I go to bed early. It sucks.

LOL yesterday was one of the best days ever, despite a couple of things. Why can't a day be fully perfect? :(

Anyways, bye to yas all!

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