Monday, January 5, 2009

"You were a mouse! You wanted cheese!"

Well today was the photo scavenger hunt birthday party for O-Dog ... it was AWESOME. Except a little warm.
And so good to see my friends X}
Thanx R *hug*

My grandma wants to teach me, Kat and Mado how to make rag quilts through the holidays ... Actually it sounds sorta fun, even though I do have to use a sewing machine :( Sewing machines don't like me.

Another of the world's best foods: PRAWN CRACKERS!
I had some today :)

OK. This is now the FOURTH time Stardust has been played, in the same amount of days. Grr. Especially since I've only seen it ONCE and I enjoyed it ... I'm gonna start HATING it if it's played too often, I always do that.

Go away Mum. I don't WANT to get off the computer!

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Laura said...

I love Prawn Crackers!
Whenever we order from a Chinese restaurant, I'm always like, "PRAWN CRACKERS!!"