Saturday, January 17, 2009

To dye or not to dye? And if so, which colour?

I'm thinking of MAYBE dying my hair black.
A month ago I was thinking of shaving my head, for fun, but I don't wanna put sunscreen on the top of my head, so ... it was OUT.
Yeah, I'll keep my current hairstyle, trimmed though - it's gotten too long - but maybe I'll dye it black. If not black then I'll have it BRIGHT BLUE OR ORANGE! :DDDDDDDD
But I don't know if I'll dye it at ALL yet. And anyway, I'd have to convince my parents ...

Polish photograghers are AWESOME. Most of the photograghers on deviantART I really like are Polish XD.

WAIT - is it photogragher or photographer ... OH.
My brain must be in holiday mode if I'm making stupid spelling mistakes :|
I'm too lazy to fix it up tho ^^

Mum's talking to some uni friend ... about uni! How original!
It's so unfair - uni starts in MAY this year. MAY!
Actually I don't know when school starts ... so ... something weird happening there XD
Lemme check. It should be on school website. Damn, it's not.

Dad is so lazy, he hardly ever does the washing. It's so annoying cos there are only a limited amount of clothes in the house (DUH) and I don't wanna wear the same thing for AGES, EWWW.

This morning was soooooooo torturous. Trying to get school shoes. NOTHING FIT! And my school can get pretty strict on uniform stuff (it depends on teacher and if they've been reminded by the head or deputies) ...
My feet and school shoes just don't like each other. Nuff said.

Thinking about my hair still ... :D

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Aidan said...

Hot pink.

All the way.

Actually, don't.

Um... black sounds good.

What colour is it naturally?