Friday, January 2, 2009

Sugar ... <3333

"We found Captain Keyes!" Lol. My sister Kat is playing Halo. Fun game. But impossibe for me to play atm.
LOL Kat stopped playing the level Truth and Reconciliation and is on to The Library. That level is so damn long and FRUSTRATING. I don't see why she wants to play it.
Hehehe, I finished MechAssault 2 AND NO-ONE ELSE I KNOW WHO HAS THE GAME HAS FINISHED IT! Therefore, I rule.

It's 2009 somehow. SOMEHOW.
My new year's resolutions? NOT TELLING. Except that I plan to get back to learning Russian :) AND start learning Polish. Just for fun.

I started cleaning up my room yesterday and was enjoying it (I like cleaning up my room!) but then Dad goes and says "stop cleaning up your room". WHU?

Floating on atm ... Lurve sugar hehehehe

I started writing a song the other day but had to stop midway thru composing the music and I couldn't keep my train of thought so I'm back to almost square one :( Oh well it was probably a stupid composition anyway.
I need to ask Dad what the "tone" buttons on his electric guitar are for ... ?????

Gooey buy! (lol)

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Laura said...

I cleaned up my room the other day.

LOL. I found all this stuff that I hadn't seen in ages. And I'm like, "OMG, I used to love that!!"