Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holidays ...

Waaaaaah why does the day go so SLOW?
All I wanna do is wake up TOMORROW morning. I want tomorrow here, NOW. Not that today's a bad day but tomorrow I have a dress-up picture scavenger hunt to go to for my friend's birthday ... and most of my school friends wil be there ... SO.
(No that wasn't a bad so)

Rhoddie you haven't checked your emails in ages, PLEASE check them.
Actually, does ANYONE check theirs? :(

Anyway things have been too boring and lazy around home for me. I've stayed in this house for too long with my parents and sisters and it's driving me MAD. Especially as my sisters are themselves ... urgh AND my parents have been touchier than usual. Like Dad keeps going off at me :( And Mum's real frustrated with her knee, cos it's painful (duh) and stuff ...
And I'm also bored cos my hand has stopped me doing some stuff I like, such as playing the X-Box. I'm totally gonna lose my magic touch with the X-Box if this keeps on much longer :(

Anyways I finished cleaning up my room and so I can now walk and reach some parts of my room I haven't been able to in AGES. And I can use my desk <3 I love using my desk.

I took some sparky photos of an orange batta-batta (or however you spell that, I never knew how) I made in German when we started doing paper decorations. The photos are funny :)
I should really get my Russian doll-like ones and take a photo of them. Except they're just white ... the colour gives a bit more personality ...

Mangoes ... one of the best foods on the planet ... and there are heaps in the fridge XD !!
And if Kat doesn't like these ones then all the more for me!

Dad bought a printer/scanner/photocopier :) I am so gonna use the scanner at some point ... if I ever get back some work I did in art back. I liked that artwork, and it isn't for the teacher to keep or chuck out. It's for ME too.
Damn it ...

My cousin Caleb is STILL going on about how some character from a book he's read (and me and Mado) is a dragon tamer ... That's the only reason he likes that character, so stupid. So many other qualities that make him a good character :)
Yeah the third book of the Fablehaven series ... It's a good series :) About fairies and demons and magical creatures / objects and preserves that keep them alive and seperate from humans :)

I got a headache :C Nicht nett.

Til next time