Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The flames will EAT you

Ummmmm ... I don't know where the title came from. It's sorta scaring me ... ><

Officially bored out of my mind cos nothing is happening :CCCCCCCCCCCCCC

I'm writing a poem at the moment, but it's taking a while :( It doesn't want to get itself onto the paper. And I'm trying to get myself to write a proper story too, but I never really get them finished.

LOL. My sisters aren't allowed to use their cameras anymore :) They were using them for this that and the other thing so my parents are like "NO USING THEM ANYMORE!"
So I'm happy. Cos I am ...

I need to go to the library tonight and get some more books I guess. I don't really know what I want to do. But anything's better than being trapped inside this house for so damn long!

"Someday everything's gonna fall right into place "
Well here's for hoping.

Oh oh oh oh my hand / wrist / arm is starting to heal up! Course it's nowhere near fully better but it's getting there! :DDDDDDD But I can write for a fair while now so I'm happyhappyhappyhappyhappy

"Somewhere weakness is our strength"
I can think of PLENTY of weaknesses that can never be a strength.

Anyway I guess I'll go now.

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Laura said...

Graeme Smith's hand was hurt. But not as hurt as yours probably is because Graeme Smith decided to piss me off by deciding to bat.