Saturday, January 3, 2009

Everyone is sooooooo QUIET. Makes me wanna SCREAM. I hate it when it's too quiet. Except for when I want it quiet. WHich I DON'T at the mo. SO MAKE SOME NOISE ALREADY!

Kat had a friend sleeping over last night. I didn't lyk her friend much. Yeah not nice of me but I have my reasons. 1) She kept taking Em's lollies (I do care for my sisters a bit ... a BIT) 2) I just don't.

Yesterday I watched this really beautiful movie called Stardust. Ok I'm not usually very into that sorta thing but this one was spectacularly done, kudos to everyone involved.
Mum and Dad were annoying me though, talking through the whole thing. And they complain about ME talking throught their TV shows when I hardly ever do and if I do I have a good (from my POV) reason.

Ok I totally can't wait for Monday but I STILL have to get my costume together. I think my parents have managed to forget that I need a costume. Why oh WHY do they always manage to forget everything? Even MY memory's not that bad.

g2g, bai~!

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