Friday, January 16, 2009


WHY do some authors INSIST on putting their characters through the most ultimate forms of torture? It puts the readers through torture too, you know!
/end rant.
I needed that out.
Actually I swore never to read three books cos of something that happened in one - my favourite character died and my other favourite character married some old creep with the worst accent EVER. :( I'll only EVER read the first part of that series again. Cos 1) it didn't deal with stupid marriages except for one which was fine cos I hated that character anyway and 2) the characters and storyline were better.
And this other series I LOVE, the very last book has all four friends fighting bitterly and they were REALLY close. At least it was all good in the end. It was a happy ending, but not fairy-taley.
/PROPER end of rant

Anyway I've had a lot more book company recently so that's good. Made my way through ... about 17 books the past 5 day at the most. But I've had pretty much all day to read so it isn't so overwhelming a number :DDDD

Dad was kicking a tantrum at me earlier today cos I didn't want to talk to him - he wanted to remind me of something I DEFINITELY didn't need reminding of. Seriously, is he growing down these days? It seems he is.
It seems that way with mum too.

One of my aunts is in Wales.
I don't see her that often. But I do envy her a bit - she's gotten to travel around a fair bitand I'd love to travel.
Dad just said she was going to watch her boyfriend play, cos he's in a band ... ahhhhh there's the proof dad is growing down. He just went and said "So you're going to be a groupy ... " and I know for sure that he was thinking of that stupid Pussy Cat Dolls song that came out a while ago that there was so much controversy about.

Damn. I'm out of icecream for the next who-knows-how-many years :( Some company that shall remain unmentioned (but that produces Weet-Bix, HINT HINT) has decided to go and change the formula for its dairy free chocolate ice cream and now it tastes TERRIBLE. And I can't have normal icecream and I hate vanilla and I hate this new formula ... SO I'M OUT OF ICECREAM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKIN SUMMER!
Hell am I MAD!

So anyway ... tomorrow begins the painful business of buying school shoes ... I hate trying to buy shoes cos none of them ever fit me properly - they're always too WIDE.
And we also have to get stationery and stuff ... BUT THAT MEANS I GET TO LOOK AT PAPER AND PENCILS AND PENS! And stare at the really expensive but really good stuff with starry eyes until it's time to gooooooo ... LOL
Seriously though I like looking through that stuff. And a few weeks ago I found these really awesome pen sets, in black sepia and some other colour I've managed to forget :( Thing is they were really expensive so there was no way to con my parents into getting it until much later this year (for bday or Christmas) and there was no way I'd be able to buy all three sets.
They were in packets of four, felt tips of varying widths ... $20 PER SET. That's $5 per pen ...
I don't have $60 to spend on pens ... VERY unfortunately :(

My parents are fiddling around on Skype on my dad's laptop ... It's VERY disturbing ... breaking out into hysterics every couple of seconds ...
LOL I had to teach my dad how to send a message:
"How do you send a message? I can't find any send button ... "
"Have you tried pressing enter yet?"
*Dad presses enter. Message sends*

Anyways, I'll spare yas any more disturbing comments ... now at any rate :D

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