Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comb my rag doll hair - LOLWHAAA??!!

You want more pics of my drawings?
At the moment, they're just linearts, but I'm planning on colouring them, with pencil, watercolours or both.
I've done heaps more of these characters. They're so fun to draw :D
Here's a couple:

Yes, I DOOOO realise they're a bit emo ... Most of the others weren't emo, but they didn't look as good.
Sorry if you can't see them that well ...
Second one is based on a Spiderbait song (yes, AGAIN! They're so inspirational tho!). The part from it goes:
"You're just the perfect man
No feet no head no hands
Don't you see
That's where we'll end the confusion"
So if I name it it's called End the Confusion.
I love the first one. Is so ... involves ... idk. But I can't believe I drew it.
Eh, I drew so much today my hand was really killing me. And I've used up half a whole sketchbook in less than 24 hours. I have to get one for art anyway, so I'll just get a couple extra for myself :D

I was writing some email, and just pouring stuff into it, and I realised there's a lot I've been blind to. So while I think, is not in any record. 'Cept my diary. But that doesn't count cos I put EVERYTHING in there (which is why if I ever catch anyone reading it ... lol).

"Yeah oh yeah
I really wanna comb my hair"
O_O actually I do! Listening to random songs is creeping me out ...

I went to the library today ... I honestly don't know how I managed to rack up 18 items. It scares me a LOT. At least they weren't all books. Thank heavens they weren't all books. There were plenty of CDs too.

Speaking of CDs, there are some good ones coming out soon. Like Kram's, Paramore's, some CD which has a song on it I really like, and there were a couple more, but I can't remember them.

G'night all. I'm off to do more random things cos I'm a horrid sleeper.


Aidan said...

Vewwy Pwetty dwawings!


Sonja said...

Thanks Aidan :D

amira-la said...

I like your drawings. I think they look good without color, even. They kind of look like something out of a Jim Benton know: Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Coraline? Anyway, they're really good. :) They look proffesional

William Kostakis LOATHING LOLA said...

they be awesome