Saturday, January 31, 2009

School is back ... and so is homework

Ok so I'm back at school. It feels so strange and I think it runs deeper than the newly blue-painted and clear halls, crazy timetable, electives, classes and slight changes in friendships. I don't know what it is. Maybe the way I'm seeing the school is different, somewhere in my head?
Argh, fighting already and we're just back ...

A lot of things are so frustrating at the moment, and I don't know why most of them are cos they're so stupid. But they're not buggin me so much as they used to. And really, I hope it stays that way, things not buggin me as much.

I'm reading this awesome book AGAIN today (I read it all last night and it only took me a few hours, it was SOOOOOOOOO good). It's called Avalon High and it's by Meg Cabot. It's about some girl whose parents are professors in medieval stuff and they're going on a holiday for a year. She meets this guy who is strangely familiar to her. Anyway in the end it turns out she, the guy, and some of the people she meets are King Arthur and co reincarnated or something like that. It's hilarious.
Still, reading near the end when it's getting toward midnight rather adds some atmosphere ... :D

Yesterday we were given some English homework - a half page story to be typed and handed in Monday - and that was the first English lesson of the year. Oh well, I got it done yesterday after I got home from school. It was supposed to be a tragedy based on an experience from your life ... which I wasn't happy about cos I don't wanna go label things that've happened to me as tragic cos that goes against what I believe - things make you stronger in the end. So it puts the wrong sort of attitude about it. Do ya get me?
Still, it was good to be back into writing again, cos I haven't written much in ages, even in my diary (except for the first day back at school where I wrote plenty in it).

I have Seminary starting next week ... :D
(Sorry to those who don't understand that - actually I think only ONE of you would understand that ... oh well!)
It's the commitment that gets me up so early in the morning. But I'm looking forward to it. No, I am not crazy.

Another thing I don't like: PEOPLE ASKING ME HEAPS OF QUESTIONS.

Anyway, I think that's it for today ... all I can think of ... which isn't saying much - I forget a lot of things that I'm supposed to remember and remember a lot of useless info.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I hate hypos (hypoglycaemia / low blood glucose). But at least they don't hang around.

[insert spontaneous rave about nothing here]
EXACTLY how I feel atm.

Well Mado is currently in her first day at my high school :D And my sister Kat is currently in her first day at ... ANOTHER high school :DDDDDDDDD Feels so good to know that I won't be bothered by my sisters in school. Feels so good to know I can bother my cuz tho! (jk!)

I had hockey last night. LATE last night - game started at 9! It was a good game tho, our team was playing really well together.

K. I think that's all I really have to say ... nothing much is happening atm ... so ...

"The world is full of terror
If someone makes an error
They're gonna blow us up to kingdom come!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your tongue is hanging out! LOL Random song lines are fun

According to some survey thing I was looking at, being pushed into a pool with all your clothes on is one of the 120 Stupidest Things. So, what is you go in the pool on purpose, for FUN (like not for some lifesaving thing or something)? Cos I did that on Friday night, just went in the pool for a swim with all my clothes on.

Anyway, went out for dinner tonight cos it was one of my aunt's 40th birthday. So we had a whole room to ourselves (cos it was almost all my dad's side rellies, and that's a fair bit :D ). And it got rowdy cos some of my cuzzies are pretty young, and like being loud. Anyway, it was pretty funny, cos we were going to an American-type restaurant on Australia Day.
LOL you should see some of the photos ...
Me and Caleb didn't much like all the fuss about ice cream desserts. We both can't have milk. He's worse than me tho.

O________O I can't believe that school starts this week. The holidays seem to have gone on forever, but finally pulling through. And now, instead of only looking forward to it I'm quite apprehensive as well.
Grrrrrrrr I have to get up really early for school nowadays cos of a before school commitment. At least it'll be fun, hehehehe ... :DDDDDDD Still, with the way I sleep, it's gonna kill me for the first week, waking up at like 5 30, maybe 5 45 ... Cos I'm awake up late at night a lot, even if I go to bed early. It sucks.

LOL yesterday was one of the best days ever, despite a couple of things. Why can't a day be fully perfect? :(

Anyways, bye to yas all!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comb my rag doll hair - LOLWHAAA??!!

You want more pics of my drawings?
At the moment, they're just linearts, but I'm planning on colouring them, with pencil, watercolours or both.
I've done heaps more of these characters. They're so fun to draw :D
Here's a couple:

Yes, I DOOOO realise they're a bit emo ... Most of the others weren't emo, but they didn't look as good.
Sorry if you can't see them that well ...
Second one is based on a Spiderbait song (yes, AGAIN! They're so inspirational tho!). The part from it goes:
"You're just the perfect man
No feet no head no hands
Don't you see
That's where we'll end the confusion"
So if I name it it's called End the Confusion.
I love the first one. Is so ... involves ... idk. But I can't believe I drew it.
Eh, I drew so much today my hand was really killing me. And I've used up half a whole sketchbook in less than 24 hours. I have to get one for art anyway, so I'll just get a couple extra for myself :D

I was writing some email, and just pouring stuff into it, and I realised there's a lot I've been blind to. So while I think, is not in any record. 'Cept my diary. But that doesn't count cos I put EVERYTHING in there (which is why if I ever catch anyone reading it ... lol).

"Yeah oh yeah
I really wanna comb my hair"
O_O actually I do! Listening to random songs is creeping me out ...

I went to the library today ... I honestly don't know how I managed to rack up 18 items. It scares me a LOT. At least they weren't all books. Thank heavens they weren't all books. There were plenty of CDs too.

Speaking of CDs, there are some good ones coming out soon. Like Kram's, Paramore's, some CD which has a song on it I really like, and there were a couple more, but I can't remember them.

G'night all. I'm off to do more random things cos I'm a horrid sleeper.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Picture I drew Saturday. Based on a Spiderbait song, called Cows :D The song is what the words are from.

Well today was a good day. Especially since when I was sewing it didn't play up on me! WOW!
Yeah I'm up to sewing my quilt now... XD

Gtg now, BAI!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

To dye or not to dye? And if so, which colour?

I'm thinking of MAYBE dying my hair black.
A month ago I was thinking of shaving my head, for fun, but I don't wanna put sunscreen on the top of my head, so ... it was OUT.
Yeah, I'll keep my current hairstyle, trimmed though - it's gotten too long - but maybe I'll dye it black. If not black then I'll have it BRIGHT BLUE OR ORANGE! :DDDDDDDD
But I don't know if I'll dye it at ALL yet. And anyway, I'd have to convince my parents ...

Polish photograghers are AWESOME. Most of the photograghers on deviantART I really like are Polish XD.

WAIT - is it photogragher or photographer ... OH.
My brain must be in holiday mode if I'm making stupid spelling mistakes :|
I'm too lazy to fix it up tho ^^

Mum's talking to some uni friend ... about uni! How original!
It's so unfair - uni starts in MAY this year. MAY!
Actually I don't know when school starts ... so ... something weird happening there XD
Lemme check. It should be on school website. Damn, it's not.

Dad is so lazy, he hardly ever does the washing. It's so annoying cos there are only a limited amount of clothes in the house (DUH) and I don't wanna wear the same thing for AGES, EWWW.

This morning was soooooooo torturous. Trying to get school shoes. NOTHING FIT! And my school can get pretty strict on uniform stuff (it depends on teacher and if they've been reminded by the head or deputies) ...
My feet and school shoes just don't like each other. Nuff said.

Thinking about my hair still ... :D

Friday, January 16, 2009


WHY do some authors INSIST on putting their characters through the most ultimate forms of torture? It puts the readers through torture too, you know!
/end rant.
I needed that out.
Actually I swore never to read three books cos of something that happened in one - my favourite character died and my other favourite character married some old creep with the worst accent EVER. :( I'll only EVER read the first part of that series again. Cos 1) it didn't deal with stupid marriages except for one which was fine cos I hated that character anyway and 2) the characters and storyline were better.
And this other series I LOVE, the very last book has all four friends fighting bitterly and they were REALLY close. At least it was all good in the end. It was a happy ending, but not fairy-taley.
/PROPER end of rant

Anyway I've had a lot more book company recently so that's good. Made my way through ... about 17 books the past 5 day at the most. But I've had pretty much all day to read so it isn't so overwhelming a number :DDDD

Dad was kicking a tantrum at me earlier today cos I didn't want to talk to him - he wanted to remind me of something I DEFINITELY didn't need reminding of. Seriously, is he growing down these days? It seems he is.
It seems that way with mum too.

One of my aunts is in Wales.
I don't see her that often. But I do envy her a bit - she's gotten to travel around a fair bitand I'd love to travel.
Dad just said she was going to watch her boyfriend play, cos he's in a band ... ahhhhh there's the proof dad is growing down. He just went and said "So you're going to be a groupy ... " and I know for sure that he was thinking of that stupid Pussy Cat Dolls song that came out a while ago that there was so much controversy about.

Damn. I'm out of icecream for the next who-knows-how-many years :( Some company that shall remain unmentioned (but that produces Weet-Bix, HINT HINT) has decided to go and change the formula for its dairy free chocolate ice cream and now it tastes TERRIBLE. And I can't have normal icecream and I hate vanilla and I hate this new formula ... SO I'M OUT OF ICECREAM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKIN SUMMER!
Hell am I MAD!

So anyway ... tomorrow begins the painful business of buying school shoes ... I hate trying to buy shoes cos none of them ever fit me properly - they're always too WIDE.
And we also have to get stationery and stuff ... BUT THAT MEANS I GET TO LOOK AT PAPER AND PENCILS AND PENS! And stare at the really expensive but really good stuff with starry eyes until it's time to gooooooo ... LOL
Seriously though I like looking through that stuff. And a few weeks ago I found these really awesome pen sets, in black sepia and some other colour I've managed to forget :( Thing is they were really expensive so there was no way to con my parents into getting it until much later this year (for bday or Christmas) and there was no way I'd be able to buy all three sets.
They were in packets of four, felt tips of varying widths ... $20 PER SET. That's $5 per pen ...
I don't have $60 to spend on pens ... VERY unfortunately :(

My parents are fiddling around on Skype on my dad's laptop ... It's VERY disturbing ... breaking out into hysterics every couple of seconds ...
LOL I had to teach my dad how to send a message:
"How do you send a message? I can't find any send button ... "
"Have you tried pressing enter yet?"
*Dad presses enter. Message sends*

Anyways, I'll spare yas any more disturbing comments ... now at any rate :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

BOO! (lol)

These holidays are SERIOUSLY frustrating me.
1) Not much to do in them
2) Get stuck with immediate family too much
3) Going back to school means seeing most of my friends each day, and I have stuff to do, but there are things about school I really don't like
4) I can't remember what the day and date is, and feel so damn disoriented. Also have much less reason to want to get out of bed, which adds to the disorientation.
5, 6, 7 ... ) etc ...

Anyway on Friday I started my rag quilt. I got some seriously sparky material, and made sure I got clashing colours - GOTTA have that :) And Mado had some pretty good material too so I'll be scabbing off her (it's not as if we bought it all or anything, Grandma provided it all and it's all old scrap stuff). But Kat ... someone HAS to teach her to make better fabric choices! Ewwwwwww ...

Here's a really sad song. It's part of the Wicked soundtrack (which is wicked, btw :P):
I'm Not That Girl

Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I'm not that girl
Don't dream too far
Don't lose sight of who you are
Don't remember that rush of joy
He could be that boy
I'm not that girl
Every so often we long to steal
To the land of what might have been
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in
Blithe smile, lithe limb
She who's winsome, she wins him
Gold hair with a gentle curl
That's the girl he chose
And Heaven knows
I'm not that girl:
Don't wish, don't start
Wishing only wounds the heart
I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl
There's a girl I know
He loves her so
I'm not that girl

Another awesome one from the Wicked soundtrack is What Is This Feeling, but that one's easier to hear than read :( But oh, I lol at it every time.

Anyway, so Twilight ... for a movie adaptation of such a long and complicated book, it was REALLY well done. And I just love the vampire baseball part. They chose the best song for that part too :D
LOL ... my uncle Gideon went to see Twilight a while ago with some of his friends, but didn't like it too much. Now he's gone and asked my aunt Chris for the book. WHA?? Go figure.

ARGH the sound system went on the blink :"""C
Well I'm nearly done anyway so ...
Bad buy
(I'm terrible, aren't I?)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Perfect is impossible

Ok. I was SO sure today was gonna be a perfect day. I mean, I had a trip to the cinema and some rag-quilt making with Kat and Mado to look forward to. But despite the fact that everything was almost perfect ... a little thing - the TINIEST thing - makes me go mad as hell and blow the whole "great day" thing.

Far out the computer is being so SLOW!

Grrrrrr I'll just update'n'stuff properly LATER.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The flames will EAT you

Ummmmm ... I don't know where the title came from. It's sorta scaring me ... ><

Officially bored out of my mind cos nothing is happening :CCCCCCCCCCCCCC

I'm writing a poem at the moment, but it's taking a while :( It doesn't want to get itself onto the paper. And I'm trying to get myself to write a proper story too, but I never really get them finished.

LOL. My sisters aren't allowed to use their cameras anymore :) They were using them for this that and the other thing so my parents are like "NO USING THEM ANYMORE!"
So I'm happy. Cos I am ...

I need to go to the library tonight and get some more books I guess. I don't really know what I want to do. But anything's better than being trapped inside this house for so damn long!

"Someday everything's gonna fall right into place "
Well here's for hoping.

Oh oh oh oh my hand / wrist / arm is starting to heal up! Course it's nowhere near fully better but it's getting there! :DDDDDDD But I can write for a fair while now so I'm happyhappyhappyhappyhappy

"Somewhere weakness is our strength"
I can think of PLENTY of weaknesses that can never be a strength.

Anyway I guess I'll go now.

Nice and SHORT

K this'll be quick, I don't have much time.

So, I'm sick of the holidays, cos there's nothing to do - my mum can't do much and my dad goes to work with the car so I can't really go anywhere much. :( And I've gone through too much reading earlier so I'm on a reading hiatus. Mostly been walking heaps, writing, daydreaming and on the computer.
But yesterday was at a good party with friends :)

G2g now, bai (I did say twould be quick)

Monday, January 5, 2009

"You were a mouse! You wanted cheese!"

Well today was the photo scavenger hunt birthday party for O-Dog ... it was AWESOME. Except a little warm.
And so good to see my friends X}
Thanx R *hug*

My grandma wants to teach me, Kat and Mado how to make rag quilts through the holidays ... Actually it sounds sorta fun, even though I do have to use a sewing machine :( Sewing machines don't like me.

Another of the world's best foods: PRAWN CRACKERS!
I had some today :)

OK. This is now the FOURTH time Stardust has been played, in the same amount of days. Grr. Especially since I've only seen it ONCE and I enjoyed it ... I'm gonna start HATING it if it's played too often, I always do that.

Go away Mum. I don't WANT to get off the computer!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holidays ...

Waaaaaah why does the day go so SLOW?
All I wanna do is wake up TOMORROW morning. I want tomorrow here, NOW. Not that today's a bad day but tomorrow I have a dress-up picture scavenger hunt to go to for my friend's birthday ... and most of my school friends wil be there ... SO.
(No that wasn't a bad so)

Rhoddie you haven't checked your emails in ages, PLEASE check them.
Actually, does ANYONE check theirs? :(

Anyway things have been too boring and lazy around home for me. I've stayed in this house for too long with my parents and sisters and it's driving me MAD. Especially as my sisters are themselves ... urgh AND my parents have been touchier than usual. Like Dad keeps going off at me :( And Mum's real frustrated with her knee, cos it's painful (duh) and stuff ...
And I'm also bored cos my hand has stopped me doing some stuff I like, such as playing the X-Box. I'm totally gonna lose my magic touch with the X-Box if this keeps on much longer :(

Anyways I finished cleaning up my room and so I can now walk and reach some parts of my room I haven't been able to in AGES. And I can use my desk <3 I love using my desk.

I took some sparky photos of an orange batta-batta (or however you spell that, I never knew how) I made in German when we started doing paper decorations. The photos are funny :)
I should really get my Russian doll-like ones and take a photo of them. Except they're just white ... the colour gives a bit more personality ...

Mangoes ... one of the best foods on the planet ... and there are heaps in the fridge XD !!
And if Kat doesn't like these ones then all the more for me!

Dad bought a printer/scanner/photocopier :) I am so gonna use the scanner at some point ... if I ever get back some work I did in art back. I liked that artwork, and it isn't for the teacher to keep or chuck out. It's for ME too.
Damn it ...

My cousin Caleb is STILL going on about how some character from a book he's read (and me and Mado) is a dragon tamer ... That's the only reason he likes that character, so stupid. So many other qualities that make him a good character :)
Yeah the third book of the Fablehaven series ... It's a good series :) About fairies and demons and magical creatures / objects and preserves that keep them alive and seperate from humans :)

I got a headache :C Nicht nett.

Til next time

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Everyone is sooooooo QUIET. Makes me wanna SCREAM. I hate it when it's too quiet. Except for when I want it quiet. WHich I DON'T at the mo. SO MAKE SOME NOISE ALREADY!

Kat had a friend sleeping over last night. I didn't lyk her friend much. Yeah not nice of me but I have my reasons. 1) She kept taking Em's lollies (I do care for my sisters a bit ... a BIT) 2) I just don't.

Yesterday I watched this really beautiful movie called Stardust. Ok I'm not usually very into that sorta thing but this one was spectacularly done, kudos to everyone involved.
Mum and Dad were annoying me though, talking through the whole thing. And they complain about ME talking throught their TV shows when I hardly ever do and if I do I have a good (from my POV) reason.

Ok I totally can't wait for Monday but I STILL have to get my costume together. I think my parents have managed to forget that I need a costume. Why oh WHY do they always manage to forget everything? Even MY memory's not that bad.

g2g, bai~!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sugar ... <3333

"We found Captain Keyes!" Lol. My sister Kat is playing Halo. Fun game. But impossibe for me to play atm.
LOL Kat stopped playing the level Truth and Reconciliation and is on to The Library. That level is so damn long and FRUSTRATING. I don't see why she wants to play it.
Hehehe, I finished MechAssault 2 AND NO-ONE ELSE I KNOW WHO HAS THE GAME HAS FINISHED IT! Therefore, I rule.

It's 2009 somehow. SOMEHOW.
My new year's resolutions? NOT TELLING. Except that I plan to get back to learning Russian :) AND start learning Polish. Just for fun.

I started cleaning up my room yesterday and was enjoying it (I like cleaning up my room!) but then Dad goes and says "stop cleaning up your room". WHU?

Floating on atm ... Lurve sugar hehehehe

I started writing a song the other day but had to stop midway thru composing the music and I couldn't keep my train of thought so I'm back to almost square one :( Oh well it was probably a stupid composition anyway.
I need to ask Dad what the "tone" buttons on his electric guitar are for ... ?????

Gooey buy! (lol)