Friday, December 12, 2008

Writing deep and arguing shallow

A couple of days ago at school was the Year 7 vs Year 8 debate. And what a shallow topic it was.
Honestly. So damn shallow. And the sevvies (who were affirmative) had the stupidest arguments. Eg "I'd be more likely to talk to a beautiful person". Although ... they did get quite a BURN in - when negative (Year 8) said that brains could create artificial beauty, affirmative came back with "Cos they KNOW that beauty is better than brains". WHAT A BURN.
Year 8 won. YES! Else we could never had lived it down.

I reckon that my Maths teacher is a stalker. Cos now there are at least three people in my class that have seen her in weird places outside of school. Sydney MacDonald's, clarinet lesson and hospital ...

Here's a poem I wrote:


One feel and you’re taken
Once is enough
It won’t be forsaken

One taste and it won’t be forgotten
The memory won’t leave
It’s sweet, but rotten

One moment and you’re caught
It’s a master
That must be constantly fought

One more time
Means one more regret

It’s another personal crime
Another thing you want to forget

Obviously, about addiction. It'd be horrid, losing pretty much all free will to something.
I find heavier topics so much easier to write about. I don't know why. But if you ask me to write about something like true love or friendship or something, I'd get stuck for ages, and then what I wrote won't be to my usual standard.
Hence all the poetry about broken relationships, depression, addiction, etc. It doesn't mean I've gone through it all - hell no, not all of it - but that's where imagination comes in.
Actually earlier today I got told I had no imagination. But I find that person to be extremely annoying and such a try-hard / wannabe anyway, so it don't bother me so.

Ok, ok, here are some more poems ... some of you have been asking for them:

Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time.
Isn't that how fairytales begin?
That's how our tale began, anyway -
but as to whether this is a fairytale ...
let’s just say
it’s up for debate.
So much kinder that way,
instead of saying argument.
Because argument equals conflict.
And though even fairytales have this,
there’s also a happy ending.
But you can’t see this.
And that is why
there will be no happy ending,
no fairytale,
no us.

Just To Leave Me One More Time
Tonight, my pain will cease to exist
Cos you said you would come over
And that we’ll have dinner
Then go out a while
“The fresh air will be good for you
My pale little angel”
He knew I was hiding some great wound
I never thought he was setting me up for greater
You came over
But ate quickly
You took me to some abandoned park
And said words you swore you’d never say
Then turned about and left
With an air of elegance and nobility
That left me shocked
Since when was agony elegant and noble?
Tonight, my pain has just begun
Cos you said you’d come over
And you did
Just to leave me one more time

The latter one I won a book with ... Loathing Lola, by William Kostakis. It's a good book - read it if you ever get the chance to.
So, there's some of my poetry. Happy?

I finally heard Decode (Paramore) on the radio yesterday ... It oughta be played more though. Instead of all that crap music like Kings of Leon or Newton Faulkner or heaps of other people / bands that I've not heard the name of and definitely won't go outta my way to find out.

All right, I'm off to write more. I've been pretty slack writing-wise lately, even my handwriting's gone crap. However I've doen heapsa drawings, for Christmas cards. Lol they were so fun to do. I stayed well away from your stereotypical Christmas card and just did pretty rough but sparky drawings that rip off modern Christmas ideas (such as Santa).
OK! I'm going!


Laura said...

I love the video clip for Decode.
Edward and Bella are AWESOMENESS!

I have seen Twilight twice.

Sonja said...

I like the actual song better than the video clip