Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stupid tendonitis

I can't use my right hand. Apparently I have tendonitis in it. Whatever it is, it hurts like hell. And whatever it is, because of it I CAN'T USE MY RIGHT HAND! So some of the easiest stuff is so difficult to do now, and I can't write AT ALL. :(

I was reading Finding Cassie Crazy earlier, the bit where Cass meets Matthew Dunlop in the reserve and he is so utterly vicious and leaves her in the rain. And then her two friends Em and Lyd come in to see her soaked to the bone and sobbing. Em and Lyd resolve to find Matthew Dunlop. They do. They are now deciding on revenge.
I cried when I read the bits about Cass in the reserve. I always do. But now it was sadder than ever, because before a couple of months ago I pretty much never saw any of my friends cry.
And now I have, way too often, and I know it is one of the most heart-breaking things ever. Especially if they are so strong that you'd never pin them to cry.
Anyway, Finding Cassie Crazy is a great book - hilarious, heart-breaking, intense, light-hearted, intriguing ...

Far out, I LOATHE my hand!

So anyway, I am damn annoyed at not being able to write. I so need to. But there's nothing to be done, is there?


Aidan said...

Is tendonitis like RSI?

Also, I broke my right wrist in grade 8 and I wasn't supposed to write, and they refused to give me a scribe for my written cooking exam so the teacher just told me to write with my left hand. Big mistake. LOL

Laura said...

Is tendonitis like Carpal Tunnel?