Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jellybean Drifter

Christmas was Ok. And I actually got the one thing I wanted for Christmas, a camera. So I was happy there. But still, not the best of Christmases.

Oh my gosh, I was so totally spacing when I went out with Dad to do the grocery shopping today. I went straight past Mit without even seeing him. I walked into a couple of stalls. Etc. I really gotta learn to keep my awareness levels in good shape for when I'm out in public. Lol.
But damn, is it annoying.

I'm pretty mad at the moment cos of what happened when Katie called Dylan, and she could hear Dylan's father ... Seriously, he's not helping things. And things are bad enough at the moment, even though some things are healing up.

I'm really stressing about classes for next year at the moment. Mrs G, one of our year advisors, was totally adamant in not letting us know what classes we're in, and she wouldn't let our other year advisor either.. She totally frustrates me. Like she said some total lies about me to my parents, she can be vicious sometimes, and she lost my USB stick when I desperately needed it ... but she's a good teacher and at least appears to be a nice person at most times. WTH??!! I hate that type of person! Cos you totally can't understand them! And you don't know what opinion to have of them - the good or the bad - cos they totally contradict themselves!
Gosh I am REALLY stressing about classes ...

Anyway, I started reading an ok book earlier. And I've taken some photos with my camera. Yeah it hurt my hand. But it was worth it. And I managed to take most with just my left hand anyway.
I'll put some photos I've taken on here later. Don't have the patience atm.

Going now. Bye.


Miss Girl said...

r u worried bout who ull get in a class wif?

Sonja said...

More worried about the opposite - who I won't get a class with. I don't want to have classes without my friends for the whole year.