Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Interesting day

Interesting day today.
First, I manage to email someone about something I never thought I could. And then the reply was really helpful, blew my socks off with shock, and sent me practically bawling.
I found out how affected my almost always Little Miss Sunshine cousin is, cos she is starting high school next year and won't see most of her friends again.
I found out how much life really IS like a drama / soap opera. I'll tell you why when I get the time.
And then I find out some news which could be great or horrid news, depending which way I look at it.
Yes, a VERY interesting day today.

Gosh, it doesn't feel anything LIKE almost Christmas. I guess it doesn't help that Dad kept forgetting or didn't have the time to put the tree up until today, and then there's the fact I dunno if I'm looking forward to Christmas or not.
And Mum has been asking me if there was anything else I'd like for a present, cos she was thinking of adding stuff to mine. ARGH! I DON'T KNOW!
Well I do sorta. But somehow I doubt she'll put a camera in when she was looking for something SMALL.

Anyways, g2g, bai!

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