Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stuff titles!

*incomprehensible muttering*
Pretty much what I'm doing in my head atm. Yeah strange. Get used to it. :)

Seriously though, I'm so emotioned out. Cos of all the fighting in my group of friends at school recently. And today, we were given back our maths yearly results and everyone's (well ... pretty much everyone's :( ) were totally horrid.
And then SOMEONE decides to take their bitterness over a bad mark (which pretty much everyone got) on someone ELSE ... and that someone else had their birthday today.
Gosh she and another person 'someone' scared cos of their mood was in tears. And I'm not taking it out on you or taking K&Rs side, it's just that you need to learn a bit more control.

OK, I'll stop writing such depressing stuff cos I know no-one wants to hear it. I just lyk venting.

So ... Saturday Odog had a gingerbread making party, and it was sparky as! So much fun! Lessee ... Rhoddie, Lilah, Jodie, Brad, Mute, Puzzle and Nutmeg came along. Brad's gingerbread house was the best - JELLY BABY HELL!
Omigosh, Odog's dog is so cute :) Mute found his new best friend :)
And Puzzle learned to like Skippy too :)

Saturday was also my dad's birthday ... Mum and I had bought him two of the Bourne movies foe his bday a while ago, and Mum found the most hilarious place to hide them :) But I can't tell you. His Christmas present is there too and I know for a fact Dad checks my blog and devART at times ... :(

I've got the first two periods of tomorrow off - vocal stuff. Going over some carols and singing the school song for the 09 sevvies.
Yessssssssss, outta Geography and English, hehehehe ...


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