Saturday, December 20, 2008

My hand - an update - among other things

I went to the doctor about my hand today. Apparently it could be anything, like a chip fracture, arthritis, infection, etc ... so I went off to have an Xray. If nothing definitive came up on that then I'm to have a blood test. Well, guess what? Looks like I'll have to have yet ANOTHER blood test. You realise that makes about three in a month?
And what happens if they can't find out what's wrong with my hand? I'm scared.

It's too hard to be extremely mad with Mado for long, especially now she's shut up. But she was SERIOUSLY annoying me. And to think Kayto may bring it up again tomorrow ... If she does ...

I don't like the holidays too much. The company of my mind is too much to handle after a while, without proper distraction, cos it's always busy, always thinking, always processing ...

Christmas day: wake up, open presents with immediate family, go to grandparents for lunch and afternoon with cousins and aunts and uncles as well, then have dinner at my other grandparents. TOO busy if you ask me, trust me it is. It's been like this almost every year, and oh it is a busy day. Cos I have so many relatives on my dad's side ...

My hand hurts so much after being poked, prodded, twisted around, out of the bandage for an extended period of time (it's not out for more than five minutes, except it had to be out for AGES today for Xrays) and then my youngest sister decided that repeatedly bumping it was fun.

Anyway, I'll stop writing down my gloomy thoughts, cos no-one really wants to know about them, or at least that's the messages I've been given.

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