Monday, December 22, 2008

Eurovision <3333

Just reminding yas all to check out my other blog,, I put on my writing and art on it. So far only two proper posts tho.

STILL no idea what's with my hand. Except that it keeps getting worse, and that I think it's spreading.

I'm hating holidays atm. Can't see friends anywhere near as much. Plus, I'm not sure that I'm good company for myself. I get too introspective, and that just brings me down.
Oh well. I'll deal.

LOL. I got the CDs of 07 and 08 Eurovision today, from the library. AND THEY ARE SPARKY AS!!!!
Seriously they are!
Well most of it. LOL some of them are so funny, especially "Push the Buttons", which is Israel's entry in 07.
And I absolutely LOVE "Leave Me Alone", which is Finland's entry in 07. Finland hosted 07, too.
I wanna go to Europe. Europe is sparky. I especially wanna go to Poland, Russia, Finland, The Netherlands and Germany.
I TOTALLY gotta watch Eurovision next year. I'll get Dad to let me, cos he may wanna watch too.

Ok. Byes. Getting a little late. (Even though I'm not tired one bit ... )


Emilily said...

I hope your hand gets better soon...and that you find out what's wrong, as I assume that'd be the worst part of it.

Sonja said...

Yeah, that is the worst part of it. I can deal with the pain ... but not knowing what's wrong with it is hard.