Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in a matter of minutes, pretty much

Yes, I know I'm up late. I do that. A lot. I don't think my body clock is right. But I need to kick it into whatever is right, cos next year I have to wake up early. I have before school stuff next year.

I just spent the past half hour watching Spiderbait video clips :) The one for Outta My Head was pretty cool, as was the one for Monty.
NO. Outta My Head is NOT like the Ashlee Simpson one. Spiderbait is way to awesome for that.
And now I am determined to find Happyland's version of Tintarella Di Luna, cos that song is funny and the Happyland version is best.

Hmmmmmm ... I'm still not convinced tomorrow is Christmas Day. But I guess it is. With all the carparks by shops full, I guess it is. With everyone singing Christmas carols I guess it is. With everyone asking me whether I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and as there's nothing else I can think of they may be mentioning, I guess it is. With Mum and Dad going on about my presents, I guess it is.
Still, it doesn't feel like Christmas. And I can't think of why.

Christmas started off as a pagan festival, apparently. Then when people started celebrating Christ's birth they decided to celebrate it at the same time as the festival. So I betcha that screwed things up for both sides.
And these days, what is Christmas? An opportunity. To make money. And lose money. An excuse to go wild. And so on.
There's nothing sacred about Christmas nowadays, is there? Unlike the days of the pagan festival. And later, the celebration of Christ's birth. Cos both of those would have been VERY MUCH sacred.
Yet these days ...

Don't worry about me spouting stuff. It's the middle of the night. What would you expect?

ARGH. I'm annoyed. Earlier in the year, just after Annie's dad and brother came down for a bit, Dad said I may be able to go up to Brisbane. But now ... cos Mum's objecting ...
Geez, she's so overprotective.

Anyways, night.

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Miss Girl said...

Overprotective parents, tell me bout it. but i guess that they just care about us