Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carbon Reductions Scheme

My mouth feels weird cos I just had some coleslaw before a drink of cordial/juice/gingerale mix. Ewwwwww. I'm not doing that again.

In Science today we were on computers with free time so I stuck my MP3 player in and played some songs. And no-one complained about them :) In fact they liked it. Which means I got good taste ;)
It was some Paramore, The Living End and Evanescence.

Oh oh oh oh today I found out I got a distinction in the University of NSW Maths test. TOTALLY did not expect that. So I'm happy. Except for the fact that my other friends didn't do so well, that I know of, and some of them have high-pressure parents :( Plus I consider them to be better than me in Maths.

Tomorrow we have the formal assembly. Yuk. Two whole periods of UTTER torture just watching people get presented with "prestigious" awards. Yuk.
I don't like awards systems anyway. I just don't agree with how these ones are set out. In my first primary school, a few people in each class were chosen for awards, if they did something "special" that week. That's the best award system I've ever seen. And even then it sucked.

I seriously need something to do, instead of just sitting around thinking. It's never done me any good in the end, doing that. But there's nothing else I really can do, except read, listen to muusic or beg Dad to let me out for a walk when he gets home, cos of my hand getting in the way of some other, much better options. And I'm plain sick of those options.

Yeah, I thought that Mute wouldn't be at school today. And he wasn't :"( Really been missing you Mute, if you ever see this!

What does everyone think of this new carbon emission reduction scheme? Too much or too little a target? Is it a good or bad way of going about "saving the world"? Etc
Me? I think the target is too small. At LEAST start on 15% and work up to 25%. But NO.
... Then again, I was always an eco freako.


Anyways, on that sad note, I shall say goodbye. Goodbye!


Laura said...

I hate award things.
I'm always like, "La La La.. this sucks."
Because everyone gets awards except me. But then again, it isn't like I've done something to deserve an award.
Except for the Dale Thomas comics... hmmm..

Aidan said...

Firstly why are you still at school?
Secondly, award nights fail. I always get the Japanese one and this year I got IPT.

But we also have a mass. It goes for HOURS.

What was funny was bec was like "I'm so glad I won't be getting one" and she for one. (:

Sonja said...

I'm still at school cos in NSW we start and finish school later than in other states.

Emilily said...

I agree that it should be a higher percentage. Hmm I've been away for so long...(we moved and the Internet only just got up again, anyway).