Thursday, December 18, 2008

Angry and hurt

I am REALLY angry at one of my best friends, and pretty angry at most of the rest. No-one knows when to shut up and stop, do they? And no-one seems to know when I'm in a bad mood. Isn't storming off explicit enough? Isn't constantly emailing "shut up" enough?
Honestly, youse all may think you're smart, getting into an academically selective high school and all, but you're not if you can't understand the most obvious of things.
And to think that some of you can't tell when to stop, when you know a fair bit about what's going on and I've made my wish clear to you, it really hurts me.

Just to update people on my hand, it gets worse each day. According to the doctor it should've been fine a couple of days ago. But doctors are never right, are they?

Bye for now.


Laura said...

"Youse" is not a word. I'm sorry, but it isn't.

Are you still at school? When do you finish?

Miss Girl said...

wats wrong? wats happened? wat have i missed? sorry 4 watever it is ive done wrong

Aidan said...

Laura, not helping, noobface.

Sonja, my friends suck too.

My best one, well, the situations remains.

I will hope she texts me for Christmas or something.

Sonja said...

"Youse" has been a proper word for AGES. Didn't you get the memo?

Stuchy said...

Sonja, bloody hell, whats wrong?? I'm sorry for being away and not being able to help, unless you are angry at me as well, then it is probably best for me to be away.