Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee - a sparky sport!

Today I had an Ultimate Frisbee gala day.
For those who DON'T know Ultimate Frisbee (you poor poor things), it's a sport played with a frisbee. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by catching the frisbee in the 'end zone'. It's a fun game.
My team and some other friends' team lost all our games :) Still had HEAPS of fun, tho!
But now I'm sunburnt :( I ALWAYS get sunburnt :(
AND I have a bit of a weird cough.
Apart from that I'm cool.
So yeah, the day was spent playing heaps of UF games and hanging out with friends (cos heapsa friends went =]).
Some of the other teams though! There was a boys U/15's team, twice as big as my friends' team ... They were SUPPOSED to be under 15 anyway, but they weren't :( So my friends' team got flogged :( Thank goodness my team wasn't a guys team (duh ... )so we didn't have to play. It was painful enough just watching tho ...
One of the schools in the comp came up from Sydney and I was thinking THIS ISN'T A DAMN SYDNEY COMP. GO HOME! And their U/18's girl team ... they are TANKS.
OK. Enough UF raving ...
Oh just one more thing - my team was tortured today cos we had to wear these Sydney Swans bibs so you could see who's on what team. :( NO ONE LIKES YOU SWANNIES! EXCEPT MAYBE JESS!
Yeah, definite torture ...

I'm hungry. I'm gonna have something to eat. I haven't had too much yet ... a little bit of tuna ...
Ok, the cold spaghetti was good! I like pasta :)

Lol. I was drinking some water today and some ran out my nose. I was like, WHA??????????
Ya. I'm hyped up. I had plenty of fruit and sugar today :) Glow in the dark M&M's ... yuuuummmmm ...

I'll go now. Ultimate Frisbee was the highlight of the day.

Oh - Dad went to Sydney today ... doing something for work ... probably some seminar ... dunno.
He goes to heaps. Some overseas :)


Laura said...

Wow. That sounds like fun.
So, does your school run Ultimate Frisbee Day or is it a sport outside of school?
I want to play.

Why can't there be an Ultimate Frisbee Day near me?

Sonja said...

Ummmmmm ... it was a a school thing and some of the teachers were playing coach and helping running, but it was for the area.